How To Move A Fridge And Freezer Safely?

How To Move A Fridge And Freezer Safely?

Dec 08, 2021 When you are relocating, there are several items that can be very difficult to move. One such item is your fridge! The appliance is not only big and bulky but also one of the costliest kitchen item and delicate. Even a little bit of collision against the wall or on the floor can cause a lot of damage, directly impacting its cooling efficiency. Therefore, you need to be very careful when loading and moving your fridge. Many people prefer to hire professional removalists in Newcastle. The experts have expertise in moving all types of items, including the heavy fridge and freezer. They use modern tools and advanced methods to load and unload such belongings. If you are moving out of the house on a tight budget and want to carry out the task on your own, you need to follow some guidelines. Read on to know about how to move a fridge and freezer safely.

Preparing the Fridge and Freezer to Move

Before you load and transport the appliance to your new places, you need to prepare to ensure there is no moisture inside it and the appliance is perfectly packed. Empty Your Refrigerator and Freezer Make sure there is no food, ice cube tray and condiments inside your refrigerator and freezer as these things could move around and cause weight to shift. Remove magnets and other similar things from the outside surface of your refrigerator. If you have perishable items in the refrigerator, use them up, donate or toss them. Unplug the Refrigerator To keep the power cord in place when moving, coil it tightly and tape it in a tight bundle. Disconnect the ice maker from the water supply if your refrigerator has one. It will make packing a lot easier. Remove the Shelves Remove all shelves, trays, and other loose or movable items, as well as organisers and dividers, from the inside of the fridge and freezer. To protect the shelves, wrap them in towels, label and load them correctly. Although you can secure the shelves in their place with tape, removing them and packing them is advisable. Defrost the Freezer If the freezer has accumulated a significant amount of ice, you’ll need to defrost it before proceeding with the move. It would take around 7 to 8 hours to finish, so plan ahead of time. It is ideal to do this the night before the move so that the refrigerator can defrost overnight and you can clean the inside in the morning. Lock and Secure the Doors After cleaning the fridge and freezer, lock the appliance door and keep the keys carefully. Then, use a thick rope or cord to secure the doors. Also, tie the fridge and freezer door handles together. Tape should not be used to secure the door since it may damage the finish of the refrigerator or leave behind a residue. Get Some Help Moving a heavy item like a fridge on your own can be very risky, to ask your friends or family for help. If no one is available, hire the best removals company in Newcastle. They will make things a lot easier for you. However, you need to make sure you find the best moving company for your next move.

Moving the Fridge and Freezer to Move

Once you have packed your fridge and freezer appropriately, it is time to load it into the truck and move to a new place. Follow the steps mentioned below to ensure its safety. Use a Moving Dolly A refrigerator dolly can support the weight of the refrigerator and provide convenience when moving out of a house. It is one of the greatest pieces of equipment to utilise, especially if the refrigerator needs to be relocated downstairs. Tie the Refrigerator with Dolly To assist limit the risk of harming finished surfaces, insert a towel or blanket between the dolly upright rails and the side of the refrigerator. Use movable rope or cord to secure the refrigerator to the dolly. Tilt the Fridge Gently When you have connected the fridge to the dolly, slowly roll it forward to the truck you are packing. To ensure maximum security, go in the opposite direction of the tilt. On the other side, have a helper assist you in navigating obstacles and securing the fridge. Load into the Truck When you are loading the fridge and freezer into the truck, use a truck ramp, so you can easily roll it up. If there is no ramp, take the help of others to lift the appliance and load it into the truck carefully.

Take Away

Moving appliances like a fridge and freezer on your own is always a risky and stressful task. If you want to minimise the stress, follow the steps mentioned above. You will be able to load and unload it without suffering any injury. If you want to stay away from the hassles of moving your fridge and other similar items, hire experienced removalists in Newcastle. They will save your precious time and make the relocation process a breeze.