How to make your office move hassle free?
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How to make your office move hassle free?

Jun 07, 2018 Relocating an office from one location to another may involve a lot of hassles and complications, especially if you are doing it without any professional guidance. From managing an entire team to packing valuable belongings, fixing a suitable moving day to creating a floor plan, you have to perform everything to ensure a safe and smooth removal. Being a business owner, you also have to run your business, attend meetings and hire experienced Removalists in Newcastle who can take care of your commercial items while moving it from one place to another. In between all these pains and salt mines, take a deep breath and consider the tips that can make your office move a hassle-free one. Below are some of the exciting tips on how to achieve safe, reliable and well-organised office move in Newcastle. Here you go!

1. Plan ahead

Planning is one of the key steps that you can’t overlook while moving your established office from one location to another. It is better to create a rough draft of your move out plan ahead in order to avoid headaches and unwanted tussles. Start creating a customised moving checklist to make things more manageable for you and your team. You can even start organising your office stuff and purge out the things that won’t be coming to your new office. Dump all the waste items and sort through to the storage closet to get rid of unnecessary files. Also, organise cabinets and shred papers that you don’t need. This will reduce the stress out of your office move.

2. Communicate with your team

When it comes to office moving in Newcastle, make sure you communicate everything to your entire team. It is better to schedule a meeting with your department heads so that you can decide the moving day and delegate related tasks accordingly. Also involve your employees in moving process and encourage them to keep their desk and other surroundings organised. On the other side, you keep sending out weekly or monthly email updates regarding the relocation and let your team complete their duties before meeting the deadlines.

3. Find the best Removalists Company in Newcastle

When you are planning your move, make sure you look for a suitable moving company in Newcastle that can meet your commercial relocation needs within your financial reach. Also, don’t forget to engage a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Newcastle to ensure you get your bond money back.6 Since there are hundreds of companies available in the market, ensure you do your research thoroughly and select a company that can assist you in a safe and hassle-free move with a zero damage guarantee. Make sure they are flexible with moving times and can also help you in packing heavy equipment using high-quality materials. In a nutshell, you are advised to choose a reliable Removalists Newcastle that is well-informed about the city to make your commute easier in Newcastle and can take care of your office belongings from start to end of your relocation process.

4. Start packing your valuable treasures

It is worth to start packing your office belongings two weeks prior to your move. Without letting your team compromise their work, engage yourself in packing chores to ensure safe and quick removal. You can pack those items first that you don’t use frequently. Make sure you use the best quality of packing supplies to wrap your precious belongings such as computers, furniture, air conditioners, art piece and other expensive items. Tip: It is always recommended to take help from a reliable moving company that can assist you in packing chores and ensure the safe delivery of your belongings to your new office address.

5. Create a floor plan for your new office

Moving to the new office space can be challenging both for you and your in-house team. From organising the furniture to fixing workstations, you have to do everything after your move. So, it is better to create a customised floor plan for your new office before your final move to make things easier for you when you reach your new office. Make sure you mark the points on your floor plan where you want your furniture to be placed. This will save both your precious time and efforts. Once your commercial belongings reach the new office, you will be able to direct your moving partners easily and resolve the issues related to space in a breeze. Since you have that floor plan, you can easily accustom your office the way you want.

6. Label your boxes

When you are moving your entire office, ensure that you label all your packed boxes and other belongings using a black marker in order to organise things in a better way. Let your employees write their names on their packed boxes. Apart from this, write the list of contents on the boxes so that you can easily unpack when you reach your new office. Tip: It is good to label your furniture to ensure quick and easy set up of your new office.

7. Update your new office address

It is one of the most critical tasks that you can’t overlook or delay while moving your office. Make a list of utility companies and vendors and inform them about your new address. Also, update those who send you raw materials or bills. Tip: Don’t forget to inform your potential clients with the updated address. You can send emails about your relocation along with the new address.


Office moves are complicated and require a lot of time and effort. But with the help of the points mentioned above, you will be able to manage your moving chores in an efficient manner. Just make sure you hire reliable and experienced Removalists in Newcastle to ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the moving journey.