How To Keep Your House Moving Costs Down

How To Keep Your House Moving Costs Down

Oct 09, 2023 The entire home relocation process is now beyond mental and physical stress. You must prepare yourself for financial challenges throughout the moving process. Whether you are going across suburb or to a new state, you need money to arrange packing supplies, a right size of moving truck, budget removalists Newcastle, etc. According to the latest research, the average cost of a local move in NSW is $1,500-$2,200, while the median cost of interstate moving is around $3,500-$5000. This may also vary depending on the size of your home, moving distance and time of the year. Fortunately, there are some great tips and tricks to help you save money when moving your home. Make sure you follow these tips properly and maintain a positive mindset. Let’s Get Started!

1. Calculate the Estimated Moving Cost

This is a crucial step when preparing for home relocation, especially under a financial crunch. You can use online moving calculators to find out the estimated cost of your move. You can include all the major expenses, such as packing supplies, moving services, storage facilities, fuel expenses, etc when creating a rough moving budget. This will help you avoid spending money on unnecessary things and keep your expenses on track throughout the process.

2. De-clutter Your Home Before Packing

Moving becomes expensive when you spend on unnecessary things. If you want to reduce your financial burden, reduce your overall moving load or shipment. The less things you have to relocate, the more time and money you will save. It is good to check all your rooms, storage units, cupboards, cabinets and shelves and keep unwanted items aside. This could be anything, ranging from old clothing to outdated furniture, books, gym equipment, and electronics. Make a list of items you want to donate and reduce your load. Tip: De-clutter your home at least 7-8 weeks prior to your final moving day.

3. Wisely Choose the Moving Day and Time

You can save dollars just by choosing the right date for your home removals. When hiring professional removalists Newcastle, make sure you select the right moving day wisely. Hiring professionals in the peak moving season or weekends can take a toll on your pocket. This is because the demand for professionals increases, and they charge high for the same services in the peak season and holidays. Instead, choose a mid-month and mid-week for your move between the months of August to November. If you want to move during the peak season or holidays, make sure you book professionals as early as possible.

4. Compare Multiple Moving Quotes

This is crucial if you are running low on budget. Before making the final decision, it is good to compare free estimates or quotes from at least three companies. Make sure they conduct an in-person inspection or do video survey before giving you a no-obligation quote. You can also find out the difference between fixed vs hourly moving price and make a well-informed decision, Choose the one that suits your moving needs, preferences and estimated budget. If you are moving across the state, the cost will be decided by the weight of your items and the distance of your move. Tip: Hire a company that can give you a transparent pricing policy.

5. Save Money on Packing Supplies

Instead of buying heavy moving boxes, you can get free boxes from a local grocery store, liquor shop, supermarket, bookstore and other retail shops. You can also ask around to see if anyone has spare boxes that are in good condition. Also, don’t waste money on expensive packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc. You can wrap your delicate stuff in clothes, blankets, bedsheets, towels and other cushioning wrappers. Making small efforts can save you a lot when preparing for home relocation.

6. Pack Household Belongings on Your Own

There is no denying that professionals can speed up the packing process, but it can be expensive – costing several hundred dollars extra. You can save money by packing your belonging yourself. It is best to volunteer your friends and family members so that you can wrap up this task on time. Here are some quick DIY packing tips to make your life easier:
  • Pack your items room by room and stay organised.
  • Wrap delicate items, such as glassware, lamps, etc individually in bubble wrap and layer it up with packing paper. You can also use blankets and towels.
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of moving boxes and lighter ones on top.
  • Fill empty spaces in the boxes using crumbled newspaper.
  • Label each box clearly with its content.
Tip: Here are some great tips on preparing glass furniture for a safe move if you are packing yourself.

7. Organise a Garage Sale

A garage sale won’t only help you make money, but you can also get rid of unwanted items. Take time and host a successful garage sale to get rid of old clothing, furniture, books and other items that are in good condition and earn extra dollars.

8. Cut Down Your Moving Expenses From Your Taxes

It can be true if you are relocating to a new location because of work. You can claim a deduction for your relocation expenses, which includes:
  • The entire moving cost
  • The cost of storage facilities
  • The cost of temporary accommodation
  • The cost of reconnecting utility services, etc.
You can contact the Australian Taxation Office to know more details on tax deductions.

Wrapping up

Relocating home can be a huge financial burden, especially if it is your first time. With the help of these tips, you can keep your moving costs down and save money throughout the process. You can also prefer hiring affordable removalists Newcastle for the utmost safety of your possessions.