How To Find The Best Furniture Removalists In Newcastle

How To Find The Best Furniture Removalists In Newcastle

Mar 14, 2023 Relocating large and bulky furniture is a labour-intensive task requiring a lot of physical exertion. You need special care and attention when lifting these heavy pieces, ranging from a pool table to a dining table, coffee tables to a dressing table and beds. This can also lead to several injuries and muscle strains, especially if you lift without caution and preparation. Finding the best furniture removalists in Newcastle is good because they know how to pack, lift and relocate bulky and delicate furniture pieces. However, choosing the right company for your household items can be challenging. Do proper research because selecting the wrong removalists could leave you in a stressful situation, and you may lose your prized possessions due to their unprofessional approach.  You can also make a complaint if you are unhappy with the service or fall into a trap. Here are some of the best tips to help you find the most reliable furniture removals company in Newcastle:

1. Ask Family & Friends For Genuine Recommendations

Large furniture pieces like a pool table or a master bed can be tricky to relocate. Plus, these are expensive belongings. So, it is good to ask your friends and relatives who have relocated recently. Ask them who handled their moving process and whether they were satisfied with the service. This will give you a better idea about the company. Seeking advice from family and friends you can trust is the best way to choose the best removalists Newcastle for your valuable furniture. Tip: Get referrals from at least 4-5 people so that you have enough options to consider.

2. Research Online to Find More Details about Removalists

Do not rush when choosing the furniture removal company in your city. Take your time and research to ensure you get a fair deal. Search engine platforms like Google can help you know everything about the company, including their years of operation, customer reviews, complaints, official website and much more. This will give you clarity and help you make the right decision. Since you have large furniture pieces, make sure companies specialise in moving all types and sizes of household furniture.

3. Go For Experience & Expertise

There is no denying that a moving company knows how to load and unload belongings. However, a company with at least 5 years of experience relocating furniture can give you peace of mind. Such professionals know what precautions must be taken when carrying large furniture pieces. The best part is that an experienced company follows a proven strategy to relocate bulky household items by dismantling and packing them using quality materials. Note: You can also consider 10 time-saving tips for your next move and keep your items protected by hiring experienced removalists.

4. Consider Customer Reviews

Make sure you read customer reviews of shortlisted companies, as it can help you know their credibility, reliability and professionalism. You must check reviews via various reliable online sources or websites. Do not fall prey to sugar-coated reviews. Instead, look for genuine reviews and avoid hiring a company with a poor rating or bad reviews. You can also contact previous customers to know more about Newcastle removalists.

5. Compare Quotes and Ask Relevant Questions

Never book any company without getting an estimated quote. You should know your moving expenses clearly to know what you are paying for. Many companies may offer cheap rates but ask you for hidden fees during the process. So, compare quotes of at least three shortlisted companies and make sure they follow a transparent pricing policy. Also, ask necessary questions if you have any doubts.  Good removalists Newcastle will be happy to answer all your questions related to furniture removals, dismantling large pieces, packing services and much more. But before that ask questions to yourself before moving and decide accordingly.

6. Choose an AFRA-Aligned Company

Move your valuable furniture with AFRA-approved removalists. The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is an official body that regulates the removals industry in Australia. Such companies are vetted to ensure they meet set standards and keep your furniture pieces intact throughout the journey.  Such companies focus on injury prevention methods while lifting your bulky possessions. They abide by AFRA’s code of conduct and follow all the measures when relocating large furniture items, including a pool table, dining table, wardrobes, piano, couches and much more.

7. Inquire About Insurance

Good removals companies believe in gaining the trust of their customers and thus provide insurance. This includes transit and public liability insurance. The transit insurance covers your items if the moving truck meets an accident. Public liability insurance offers protection against claims of property damage or personal injury during the packing and removal process. If you want full coverage insurance for your expensive furniture, reach a third-party insurance company and get all details for the safety of your possessions.

8. Consider Additional Services

It is good to hire furniture removalists in Newcastle that can give you additional services, including:
  • Dismantling Large Furniture Pieces
  • Packing Service
  • Storage facilities
  • Unpacking
  • Reassembling of Furniture
You can choose a full-service moving company to reduce your stress and protect your precious items from getting damaged.  Make sure you declutter your house before moving and get rid of unnecessary items to help you save money.

Wrapping Up

Thus, keep these important tips in mind and find the best removalists for your furniture. Make sure you do proper research, ask relevant questions and clear your doubts before making the final decision.