How To Fight The Fear Of Moving House?

How To Fight The Fear Of Moving House?

Mar 16, 2022 Moving to a new home is not easy, and it requires a lot of planning and preparation. Many people make silly mistakes and end up losing precious possessions. This can turn the home relocation experience into a scary situation. Whether you are moving out of the city or within the local area, you need to stay relaxed and stress-free. It is important to fight the fear of moving home, especially if doing it for the first time. Booking reliable Newcastle removalists can reduce your stress to a great extent. However, you need to find ways to streamline the process without causing any damage or loss. Here are some key tips to help you fight against the fear-inducing factors when relocating home.

1. Fear of Being Scammed by Removalists

Finding the right moving company in Newcastle is one of the difficult things. With so many options available on the market, choosing the genuine and reliable one requires a lot of research and patience. Most people fear being scammed by the wrong company. Such companies either jack up their prices in the middle of the procedure or load household stuff into a suspicious vehicle. Some rogue movers can also damage precious possessions due to a lack of experience. To combat this fear, you need to do your homework and search for the best option in advance. Ask your friends and relatives who have recently hired a moving service. You can also read online reviews to get a better idea about the company’s work approach, professionalism and pricing policy. Tip: It is good to choose a company that has at least 5 years of experience and can provide you with upfront pricing.

2. Fear of Losing Time

The most unsettling situations are not getting enough time for packing household belongings or falling behind schedule. You may end up with chaos on the final moving day. If you think you have lost too much time on unnecessary things, you need to create a proper checklist to avoid this fear. Creating a proper moving checklist and adding important tasks can help you stay organised. It is good to start the process at least 7-8 weeks before your final moving day. Start the process by sorting household items. You can get rid of unwanted items and save time and money.

3. Fear of Losing or Damaging Precious Belongings

People hire good removalists in Newcastle because they don’t want to lose or damage their expensive possessions. There is always a fear of having your possessions broken, damaged or ruined during the moving process. It is good to pack delicate items in bubble wrap and add an extra layer of protection to prevent scratches and damage. If hiring a moving company, make sure you ask everything about the moving insurance. You can also purchase third party moving insurance for your peace of mind.

4. Fear of a Big Change

People get afraid when they think of moving to a new place. Of course, home relocation is one of the biggest decisions, but you have to come out of your comfort zone and leave the current surroundings behind. Pets also feel anxious when they move to an unfamiliar place. You can read the complete guide for moving with pets for better results. Try to stay calm and relaxed and be prepared for uncertain things while moving to a new place. Think positive and adapt new environment without the clouds of fear.

5. Fear of Leaving Friends and Old Neighbours behind

Home relocation is not only physically challenging. It can be an emotional breakdown for many people, especially kids. They feel anxious about leaving old home, neighbourhood and home behind. This can be a devastating situation if you live in the old house for years. So, make up your mind and throw a goodbye party to thank all your friends, neighbours and family members.

6. Fear of Relocating to a New City

Many people feel a little anxious when moving to a new city. From finding a new home to searching for a new school for kids, you have to manage everything when relocating home. You may make wrong decisions due to a lack of research and planning. If you want to enjoy the amenities and other facilities of a new city, do proper research and contact the most reliable real estate agent in Newcastle. If you are relocating to a studio apartment, you can sell unnecessary stuff before moving and reduce your load.

7. Fear of Injuries

Are you lifting heavy boxes and large furniture pieces without any professional assistance? This can lead to a serious personal injury if you don’t follow the right lifting technique. Whether it is a pool table or heavy moving boxes, it is good to hire professionals who can do heavy lifting for you. They bring necessary tools and equipment and follow proper lifting techniques to prevent shoulder and back injuries.


There is no denying that living in a new place is always tough and challenging. To combat the fear of home relocation, you need to prepare everything in advance and think optimistic for a hassle-free experience. You can also book good Newcastle removalists and transit your belongings safely to the new home.