How to Declutter Your House before Moving?
Man carrying a box of items to be donated and woman sitting on floor and sorting things

How to Declutter Your House before Moving?

Mar 08, 2019 Moving to a place with overstuffed boxes full of things that you don’t even require is pointless. If you are carrying out the moving process on your own, then you will be wasting a lot of your precious time and energy in packing all those extra items that you will not use at your new place. In a nutshell, moving junk to your new home is a waste of time, money and energy. So the easiest solution is to get rid of all the useless items before you start packing. To make your moving day stress-free, you can hire reliable removalists in Newcastle, which will give you ample time to declutter your house before packing. Here is how you can get started with the process.

How To Prepare For Declutter?

First of all, you need to set a date for moving, and you must start decluttering at least one month before that date. It may sound an easy thing to do, but in reality, it is quite challenging. It might take a couple of days (depends on how much useless stuff you have). In this specific time, you need to ensure you have nothing else to do and there are no distractions such as guests, kids, spouse, friends, etc. Studies have found that most of the people reach the peak of their productivity when they work alone. Once done, take a pen and paper to list down all the items you think are unnecessary and want to throw away. You don’t need to make a random decision. Take your time. You should be 100% convinced that you are going to do this.

Important Tips To Declutter Your House

Begin with paper. As we all know that paper easily gets accumulated over time. It is likely that you might take an entire day to deal with all the old books, documents, and user manuals. Sometimes, the papers are old enough to get crumbled between the fingers. After clearing these papers, you will definitely feel a lot better. You should have a clear vision of the stuff you require and things that are useless. For this, you need to divide all your questionable items. Make some space and use four sheets to segregate the items of the house. On the first sheet, place all the expired items, on the second one, keep the broken things, on the third sheet, you should keep the items that still work, but you don’t have any plans to use them in the future. And on the final sheet, place the items that are working, but you still have the feeling that these things will take up space. Now, it is time to take out the junk. Needless to say, the first two sheets belong to trash. However, you need to make sure that these sheets do not have any hazardous items, not safe for the environment such as old cell phones, old fireworks, batteries and anything similar that might pose some amount of danger. You can research online on how to get rid of such items. This will allow the removals company in Newcastle to pack and load your boxes in a smooth manner, and you will have to pay a lesser amount. Then concentrate on the next two sheets. Evaluate the items that are working and then decide the things that you won’t need. Once you are done with that, consider if they are fit enough to work for other people like friends and family. If you are still not convinced that you have decluttered the house properly, repeat the entire process before you prepare the home inventory list.

The Best Options To Declutter Your House

Garden sale is an excellent option to get rid of your unnecessary items. Just set up a table in front of the house and put price tags on various small items like forgotten toys, dishware, cycle, showpieces, etc. Inform your neighbours and friends in advance, so that you can get a pretty profit out of your unnecessary items. If you have too many books, you should sell them to a local bookstore. You need to understand that books can get seriously heavy when packed. It is not only the removalists in Newcastle, who will face difficulty in packing, loading and transporting these items, you will also have to pay them accordingly. You can also donate old books to a local library or give away items to friends, family or neighbours. You need to understand that people usually do not prefer to spend money most of the time, so there are chances that your garden sale might not be as successful as you think. So, instead of looking for money, you can help someone with your stuff.


If you want to experience a smooth moving experience at a reasonable price, you should know how to declutter your house appropriately. Otherwise, you will get confused and feel frustrated. Despite hiring a professional company like Better Removalists Newcastle, you will find the moving process is taking a lot of time. To solve this problem, identify the useful things and get rid of the other stuff before packing your belongings.