How To Choose The Right Size Moving Truck Rental

How To Choose The Right Size Moving Truck Rental

Sep 26, 2023 Moving comes with its own challenges, even if you have done it before.  Every step requires your attention and energy. One such step is choosing the right moving truck if you have opted for DIY moving. For maximum safety of your stuff, you want a size that can accommodate all the belongings. If it is too big or too small, it will endanger your precious items, leading to major losses. Additionally, renting a large truck is quite expensive. To choose the best one, you need to follow a few steps and get clear on requirements to ensure you are making the right decision. So, here is how to choose the right size moving truck rental. It will give you a clear picture of your needs.

Utilise the Bedroom Count Technique

One of the most common techniques used for estimating the ideal size of the truck is the bedroom count technique. Basically, it’s about counting the number of bedrooms in your current home. Professional removalists Newcastle determine the best possible truck size based on the property size. For instance, to move from a one-bedroom apartment, you will need a 15 feet truck. For a 2-bedroom one, renting a 20 feet truck is recommended. Remember, these are just approx. numbers and may differ in real life, especially if you own more stuff than the average homeowner or have a bigger bedroom. Moreover, many homes have rooms that don’t fit standard criteria, such as storage rooms or studios. But this technique is still very helpful and, more often than not, very accurate for standard homes.

Calculate the Cubic Feet of All Your Belongings

Every moving truck can hold a certain number of items, mostly measured in cubic feet. The truck’s interior measurements contain the entire open space of the storage area from the roof to the floor. To use the space as best as you can, it’s recommended to measure, stack and place all your packed boxes evenly. Measure the length × width × height to calculate volume in cubic feet. Getting a rough estimate of your belongings is best starting a DIY move, but it’s especially crucial for large items like couches and beds. It’s worth noting that you should be measuring not only the items but the boxes as well. Once you know it, compare it with the total cubic feet available in the trucks to see which one will be the ideal.  Since it is time-consuming, you can hire renowned removalists Newcastle to get the job done. They will provide an accurate and reliable estimate.

Types of Moving Trucks and Their Dimensions

There are numerous variations of moving trucks, and that’s why you’ll see many Newcastle removalists using trucks that are slightly different from the usual ones. However, these minor differences result in major differences in the storage space and the average cost of house removals. So, it becomes a must to know the types of trucks and their dimensions before renting. Here are a few of them:
  • Pickup Truck: This one is best for moving a studio or dorm. It is 8 feet in length and 76-80 cubic feet. It can hold up to 1600-2000 pounds in terms of weight limit.
  • Cargo Van: A Cargo van is another great option for moving a studio or dorm. It is 9 feet in length and 230-250 cubic feet. It has a weight limit of 3500-5000 pounds.
  • Small Truck: Renting a small truck is ideal to move a 1-bedroom apartment worth of stuff. It is 10-12 feet in length and 380-450 cubic feet. It has a weight limit of 2800-3700 pounds. Professional removalists have expertise in assembling and disassembling furniture that can help in fitting the stuff into a smaller truck.
  • Medium Truck: A medium-sized truck is preferred for moving a 2-3 bedroom apartment or a 1-2 bedroom house. It is 14-17 feet in length and 760-865 cubic feet. It can hold up to 4300-6400 pounds in terms of weight limit.
  • Large Truck: For those looking to move 2-5 bedrooms worth of stuff, renting a large truck is the only option. It is 20-26 feet in length and 1000-1700 cubic feet. It has a weight limit of 5700-7000 pounds.
Although there can be variations of these trucks, largely they fall into one of these categories. Once you have the measurements of your stuff ready, it’ll be easier to choose a truck.

Keep the Distance of the Move in Mind

When moving locally, choosing a truck isn’t much of a headache since if you rent a small one, multiple trips will be possible without much expense. Renting small trucks is always cheaper. Renting a large truck for a local move isn’t ideal, especially if you’re tight on budget. However, if you’re moving interstate, then not only do expenses go up, but it also becomes time-consuming. Thus, getting a truck that is slightly bigger than you need is the best option. One trip is all it is going to take. So, keep in mind the distance of your relocation before renting a truck.

Wrapping up

Picking the right vehicle for moving is vital. But if you don’t know how to choose the right one, it can easily create multiple problems. Although there are options like hiring professional removalists in Newcastle, if you decide to go the DIY route, the tips provided in this article will help you immensely. Follow them, and picking the right truck won’t be an issue.