How Do Weather Conditions Impact Your Removal Process?

How Do Weather Conditions Impact Your Removal Process?

Apr 17, 2023 Everyone wants to move house when the weather is sunny and clear. However, usually the time to move is dedicated by factors like end of tenancies, job change, better/bigger housing requirement etc. Therefore, choosing the time for a move is not always in your hands and you may have to do it when the weather isn’t the best. What’s more, weather can change from good to bad anytime and your preparation must be solid to avoid hassle. Hire reliable and experienced removalists in Newcastle to get your things packed and moved without worrying about the weather or peak moving season. However, that’s not all you must do. Learn how weather conditions impact your removal process & keep solutions ready in case an unfavourable situation arises.   

Moving During Hot Weather & What to do

In the recent years extreme heat events are occurring often and with greater intensity in New South Wales. Although summer time is usually peak moving season, you mustn’t move during heatwaves or when there is warning for extreme heat events. If you plan to move during hot weather, take the following precautions.
  • Keep track of the weather for heatwave or heat event forecasts
  • Stay healthy in the heat by hydrating frequently, wearing light clothes and avoid being in the heat during 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Offer water and refreshment to removalists, cleaners and other professional who are helping your move.
  • Protect your belongings by packing them in quality moving boxes.
  • Avoid using plastic wraps directly on belongings as the heat can make them stick. Use paper wraps underneath the plastic wraps.
  • Keep your home cool while working. Also, make sure the air conditioners or cooling system work at your new home. It will help cope with moving stress as well.
  • Carry water, hydrating drinks and snacks in the moving essentials bag on the moving day.
  • Try to complete outdoor and laborious tasks in the early morning or evenings when the heat is bearable and not harmful. 

Moving During Monsoon & What To Do

Relocating to a new home during monsoon is challenging as moving boxes can get wet, furniture is more susceptible to imbibition, and rains can lead to traffic jams. Therefore, usually it is best to avoid moving during this time or do it with the assistance of professional removalists in Newcastle. However, if you must move, take the following precautions.
  • Line the insides of moving boxes with plastic bags to prevent moisture from seeping in.
  • While loading the moving truck, line the pavement with tarp sheets to avoid slips, falls and dirtying the moving truck.
  • Wear anti-skid shoes and water-proof overalls to remain dry and avoid injury.
  • Cover furniture with thick moving blankets & cover with a plastic shrink wrap.
  • Cover all moving boxes, electronics and open items with plastic shrink wrap.
  • Also, make sure to label your moving boxes
Note: If a thunderstorm is coming or it is raining heavily, postpone your moving plans.

Moving During Cold Season & What to Do

Winter is not everyone’s favourite and it can be a problem if its particularly windy, cold or snowing. Avoid moving when it is snowing or snowed in your areas as the risk of hydroplaning is high and your moving truck & belongings can slip. However, if the cold is manageable and it’s not extremely windy, here are tips for moving during winter.
  • Bundle up to avoid getting cold or sick.
  • Wear warm shoes that don’t skid and cover hand with gloves to prevent them from becoming too cold to work.
  • Move things to the garage to limit the moving distance and time spent outside in the cold while loading the truck.
  • Make sure the drive and parking space is clear of snow (if it snowed)
  • Double wrap all your belongings. Glass furniture, crockery, electronics, plastic furniture etc. are susceptible to breakage and cracks when the temperature shifts too quickly.
  • Offer hot beverages and snacks to your hired removalists in Newcastle, as it can get cold while working.
  • Inspect your current and new home for mould and ensure the heating is working. Mould and dampness can start in homes in cold weather.
  • Ensure your personal vehicle is serviced and prepared for long distance traveling.
  • Factoring in extra travel time as its better to drive slow.

Hire Removalists Early

In whatever weather you plan to move, make sure to start looking for removalists in Newcastle at least 8-6 weeks before you plan to move. Keep track of the weather during the search and make sure to book removalists four weeks before the moving date to have ample time to handle any situations or reschedule in case weather conditions impact your removal process.

Wrapping Up

Moving is a challenging process and you must plan and prepare for it well to have a good experience. Therefore, use this guide to move during difficult weather and manage your house move without weather conditions ruining your things.