Here’s What You Should Know Before Hiring Movers

Here’s What You Should Know Before Hiring Movers

Jul 07, 2022 Have you decided to shift homes and are thinking about hiring some experienced professionals to help you move? Shifting homes can be quite tiresome and stressful, and removalist services in Newcastle can be a big help in this regard. Hiring a professional helps because these experts know how to properly pack and move all your belongings and will make sure you have everything in place in your new home. But there are some things you must keep in mind before you hire these professional movers, such as:

1. Get A Proper Estimate Done

Before finalising a moving service in Newcastle, you must see how the company estimates your costs. If they are a reputable company, they will inquire about the belongings in person or on the phone to calculate the costs. Generally, the cost is determined by the weight of the items and the space they occupy on the truck. So, check if these experts ask about the items and check the weight before providing an estimate to ensure it’s accurate.

2. Ask A Lot Of Questions

It is not only vital for you to ask the moving service professionals question about the process, but they should also ask you several questions. You should check to see if these removalist experts:
  • Ask you about how you want to transport your loads, what all are you keeping and what are you not taking when you are moving house.
  • If they are experienced, they will provide you with a quote only after assessing all the items and seeing how and where you stay and where you are going.

3. Don’t Give A Huge Deposit

You should never give a deposit before your items are packed and moved by these professionals. If the moving company is a scam, they might ask for a massive deposit in advance and might not show up on moving day. They might also charge you more later on, so it is better to pay in full once all your items have been packed and moved safely.

4. Check For Genuine Names

If the moving company has several names, it could be a fake company. To avoid this, you must check the name on the website and also check with other sites if the company has several names. You should also call the company and see what name they respond with when they pick up.

5. Check For Registrations And Licences

You should always go to a removalist service in Newcastle that has all the proper licences and permits. You must ensure that the moving company has a licence to operate in your area and is fully certified and professional. You can also ask the staff about their licenses and training to see if they are skilled enough to handle your belongings.

6. Trust An Experienced Company

You should rely on a professional moving service in Newcastle with a lot of industry experience. They should have at least 5 to 10 years of experience in this field so that you know that your belongings are in trustworthy hands. You can ask these companies for former clients’ numbers and contact them to know how the staff and the company perform.

7. Look At The Reviews

Review third-party sites and find out what clients say about their service. You should also check the online reviews and website of the company to see what other people feel about their service. You can even ask your society members and neighbours about the moving service company to get a good idea of how they function.

8. Never Sign A Blank Contract

Some scam moving companies will try to make you sign a blank contract at the beginning. You should never sign a blank contract because the company might fill in this contract with costs and services on their own later. You could pay a considerable amount at the end of the move. To avoid this, ask your quality removalist service in Newcastle about the costs involved in advance and get a quote ready for a seamless apartment moving day.

9. Check For Additional Costs

Before hiring a removalist company in Newcastle, you should ask them about all the costs involved, including any additional costs. During the relocation process, there could be many added costs like packing costs, distance costs and moving heavy and fragile items. It is better to know about these additional costs in advance so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

10. Go For A Company With Insurance

Lastly, hiring a professional furniture removalist Newcastle with insurance is always a good idea. This is good because the company will pay for the damage if anything happens to your items while the staff is moving them. This will save additional repairing costs and keep your items safe. There are two types of insurance that moving companies offer:
  • Full insurance:

    This is when the company repays the entire amount and value of the item that has been damaged or will replace the item.
  • Alternative liability:

    The company only accounts for half or a part of the item’s value, and you cover the rest.
So, you must ask the staff about what insurance they offer and how much extra it will cost you before you hire them.


Keep the above factors in mind before hiring a moving service to get the best quality professionals to help you relocate.