Green Moving: 7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move

Green Moving: 7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move

Jul 07, 2020 Moving is not an eco-friendly activity considering it requires packing supplies and disposing of a lot of unwanted items. A lot of waste is produced when anyone moves to a new home which is not ideal since the environment is already suffering due to poor waste management. For those who are planning a move, it is the need of the hour to ensure less waste is produced. According to the national waste policy, it is the responsibility of every individual to take actions that will help prevent unnecessary cluttering of our planet and pollution of its environment. Therefore, if you are moving and care about preserving your surroundings, here is a complete green moving guide by professional removalists in Newcastle. It has useful tips for an eco-friendly move to your new home.

Donate Things

The first step is to be more considerate of the environment when moving is to declutter your property contents and personal things responsibly for donating. Keep aside things that are in good condition and suitable for donation. Many people require things and will benefit from the items you choose to donate. Please contact your local goodwill organisations to know what you can give. In addition, look at online portals like,,, etc., to donate clothes, furniture, food, and other items of use.

Hold a Garage Sale

Another option to prevent waste and help reuse of things is to hold a garage sale through which items that are not of use but are in good condition can be recycled. While decluttering or downsizing make a pile of things you haven’t used for over six months, and you don’t use at least once a year. Selling of items can be done offline by setting up an event on the weekend and notifying people through social media or physical invitations. In addition, you can list items online to sell them through a digital garage sale.

Reuse & Recycle Packing Supplies

Are there boxes, bubble wraps, and other packing supplies in good condition at home that can be reused? Make it a priority to use these supplies first before thinking of investing in new ones. Ask people around you, relatives, and friends for supplies they have that can be reused. Also, visit local stores to get boxes and supplies for free that are available for recycling. Taking the initiative to reuse and recycle items is an eco-friendly step that will help reduce the waste that is put in landfills because only 14% of plastic & packing is recovered for recycling and 5.6 MT of paper/cardboards waste is generated across Australia. Note: In case professional removalists in Newcastle are hired for packing and moving, make sure they recycle their packing supplies.

Hire Green Removalists

Besides taking measures to ensure non-useful items are recycled and reused by donating and reselling, you can make your move eco-friendly by taking the assistance of green removalists in Newcastle. Such professionals are experienced and trained to manage the packing and movement of your belongings in the least wasteful ways. They use eco-friendly supplies, their moving trucks have green fuels, and their different types of equipment are energy-efficient. They also ensure the supplies used are bio-degradable, and the non-reusable items are sent to recycling centres to prevent pollution and protect the environment.

Be Creative While Packing

Want to avoid having heaps of boxes and other commercial packing supplies while moving? Then, be creative and use things in your home, which can be excellent for protecting belongings while moving. These items can include blankets, bed sheets, towels, pillows, cushions, newspapers, socks, etc. You can use them to wrap large to small property contents like TVs, monitors, devices, crockery, and delicate items, among other things.

Dispose of things responsibly

Naturally, while moving there are things that need to be disposed of for a variety of reasons. However, the onus is on you to dispose them off responsibly to avoid them from damaging the environment. Here are some tips on how to discard unwanted items correctly. • Contact your local waste and recycling management centres to learn how to dump items and if they are eligible for reprocessing • Please read the labels of products to know how to get rid of them properly. If you have cleaning products, make-up, and other commercial items, please don’t dump them in the toilet, grounds, or any other area where they may cause pollution. • See if the things can be taken by relatives, neighbours, or friends to avoid disposing of, as near or dear ones may have use of them.

Don’t Have Excessive Round Trips

Understandably, you may be required to make trips from the old home to the new one to ensure the move is done successfully. However, this leads to air pollution by the vehicle via smoke and gas emissions. Planning your move properly would help lessen the number of trips to be made back and forth, thus reducing fuel consumption and pollution. In case you have to make excessive round trips due to a variety of reasons, then try to arrange for an eco-friendly vehicle that runs on green fuels.

Wrapping Up

During the process of moving it is common to produce a lot of waste and do activities that cause pollution of the environment. Through this guide by professional removalists in Newcastle, you can know seven tips for an eco-friendly move. Learn about them to ensure the relocation is completed without harming the environment.