Declutter: 101 Things To Throw Before You Move

Declutter: 101 Things To Throw Before You Move

May 23, 2024

De-cluttering is one of the most overwhelming steps when relocating a home or office, especially for the first time. It takes some serious effort to inspect, categorise, and purge hundreds and thousands of unwanted belongings in a short timeframe.

The whole scenario can be intimidating as some items hold emotional value while others can cause pollution if you toss them into a landfill site. However, once you process the concept, it becomes super easy to identify and throw broken, empty, expired and unwanted stuff before the final move.

So, here is the solution to your overflowing cabinets and wardrobes. This guide will help you throw 101 things when moving out of your home in Newcastle. This will save you packing time, reduce the shipment load, and, of course, reduce the overall moving expenses.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Toss Non-Essential Documents and Paperwork

Moving is a great time to reduce paper clutter. Gather all your documents and paperwork in drawers, cabinets, bookshelves, and other areas to determine what to keep and what to toss/shred.

It is good to throw away books and magazines you no longer need, old bills and receipts, old cards and bank statements, utility bills, excess notepads, junk mail, expired warranty cards, and other unnecessary documents.

Before shredding the papers, you can click pictures of bills or old tax returns on your phone.

Tip: Compile all the important documents, such as medical records, house buying agreement, insurance, job letter, etc, in a separate file and keep them in a secure place.

2. Throw Unnecessary Items From Your Kitchen

Minimising kitchen clutter is an incredible way to save time, money and energy. This means you don’t need to pack items you no longer need at a new house. So, take your time and mindfully de-clutter your kitchen before hiring professional Removalists Newcastle. Below is the list of a few things you can toss before relocating home:

  • Kitchen Pantry: You should toss expired canned food, baking supplies, condiments, empty jars and containers, stale foods, unwanted spices, any food you don’t plan on eating, and opened leaving agents, such as baking soda and yeast.
  • Refrigerator/ Freezer: Leftover food, unwanted/expired drinks and dairy products, spoiled meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits that have a bad smell or grow mould, frozen items you don’t plan to eat, especially perishable food.
  • Drawers, Cabinets, and the Rest of Your Kitchen: Ensure you toss unused or outdated appliances, duplicate utensils like pots and pans, excess kitchen knives and cutlery, broken cups and mugs, overused cutting boards, Tupperware and containers with missing lids, unnecessary cookbooks, etc.

3. Decluttering Your Bathroom

Do not stuff your moving boxes with unnecessary bathroom items. Instead, create a proper moving timeline and spend enough time to de-clutter your bathroom. Make sure you thoroughly inspect all cabinets and drawers and get rid of:

Empty or unwanted shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles; raggedy towels(hand and face as well); old or expired makeup; broken or unwanted hair accessories; old razors; expired medication; torn bath mats; unwanted or faded shower curtains, etc.

4. Purge Unwanted Items From a Living Area

couple packing for a house move

There is no rocket science behind de-cluttering a living area when relocating home. You can get rid of excess décor items, damaged or outdated furniture, DVD players, radios, extra lounges, excess cushions, torn rugs, excessive photo frames, etc

When de-cluttering your home, you can donate pre-loved items to the local charity or organise a garage sale. Selling unwanted items at a discounted price can help you earn extra dollars while reducing landfill waste.

5. Throw Non-Essential Bedroom Items: Master and Kids Room

Make sure you de-clutter your bedrooms and kids’ room and toss unnecessary items before the arrival of expert Removalists in Newcastle. This will keep your house moving costs down. So, consider this list when reducing clutter in bedrooms:

Master Bedroom: Toss bedroom décor you no longer need, unwanted stuff under your bed, empty perfume bottles, torn or extra bed linens (sheets, quilts, blankets), outdated appliances such as bedroom TV or AC.

Kid’s Room/Playroom: Old books, unwanted toys, game puzzles with missing pieces, old or unwanted electronic games, dried-out pens, etc.

6. De-clutter Wardrobe/Closet

Do not forget to de-clutter all your wardrobes and closets before starting the packing process. Ensure you throw away old clothes (you haven’t worn them in the last 8-14 months), unfitted dresses, outdated jewellery, beat-up shoes, unwanted accessories like belts, hats, old pyjamas, and other torn stuff.

7. Throw Unwanted Items From Basement/Garage

Most people forget the basement or garage area and end up loading the moving truck with unnecessary stuff.

So, take your time and carefully toss old paint cans and cleaning products you no longer need, car oil, gym equipment, broken gardening tools, scrap building supplies, old batteries, and items you haven’t used in the last few years.

Tip: You can send hazardous items for disposal at local drop-off centres and sites in Newcastle.

8. Purge Unnecessary Items From Office

If you are relocating office soon, make sure you get rid of the following items and reduce your packing load.

You can toss extra staplers, paperclips, broken monitors, keyboards, printers, tangled or unwanted cords, non-essential paperwork, files, emails, old or outdated office furniture, and laptops, among other things.

Make sure you do proper research and hire the best removalists Newcastle that specialise in moving bulky and delicate items at the most reasonable price. The best part is that they dismantle and re-assemble furniture to prevent injuries and other complications and ensure a safe and sound move.

A Guide to Throw Away 101 Things Before Relocation:

what you need to throw when you are moving

Wrapping Up

This guide can streamline the process of purging unwanted household or office items before relocation. You can inspect the entire home and make a list of 101 or more things you no longer need to save money and energy.