Complete Guide To Set Up Utilities in New Home Before You Move
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Complete Guide To Set Up Utilities in New Home Before You Move

Jul 17, 2019 A hassle-free move requires more than just packing and transporting household belongings from one place to another. You have to manage everything from purging out unnecessary items to arranging quality packing materials.  Apart from this, make sure you set up your utilities in your new home in Newcastle before your final move. This is one of the most overlooked tasks that could create obstacles when you enter in your new house. So, it is better to arrange everything in advance before getting into the move-in process. Also, hire trained and dedicated Newcastle Removalists who can assist you in different tasks, and let you set utilities in a new home without any stress. If you don’t want to spend your first few days in your new home without electricity, water and internet, then take a look at these useful tips. These will help you transfer your utilities with ease.

1.  Keep Things Organised

The first thing you need to do before getting into the new space is to familiarise yourself with your current utility service providers in Newcastle. This includes electricity, cable and internet, security system, phone connectivity, water and sewer and gas connection. It is good to write out their names and contact information about these monthly utility service providers. If you want to change any of them while relocating, make sure you write down the new contact details.

2.  Notify your utility service provider about the move

After organising the contact details of your utility service providers, you will need to start contacting them and give information about the move. Update the new address at least two to three weeks in advance to avoid last-minute chores. In fact, it is good to call at least one month prior to your move because the installation appointment is required to start the utility again. These usually comprise of internet and cable services. So, while scheduling your disconnect and connect dates for electricity and gas, make sure you make the disconnect date two days after your move.

3.  Make arrangements for water and sewer services

Don’t forget to arrange the water and sewer services on moving day. Contact Newcastle’s public utilities office two weeks before your move. This is an important step that has to be in your change of address checklist if you want to ensure a seamless move into your new home.

4.  Ensure HOA Covers Utilities

Are you relocating to the new place with an HOA (homeowners’ association)? If yes, then make sure your HOA fees may include basic utilities including electricity, water and gas. The benefit of HOA is that you don’t need to pay separate bills to different utility companies. You just need to pay HOA fees and avail all the utility services at your new home. It can be of great help especially when you are moving on a short notice.

5.  Update the New Address

This is a crucial step. Make sure you provide all your utility service providers with your new address. This will help you receive all future bills at your new address. Also, change your mailing address online. All you need to do is to select the date that you want to start forwarding your mail. Isn’t it simple!

6.  Pay Outstanding Bills

Don’t forget to pay outstanding utility bills before moving to a new home. Check all overdue bills and make payment as soon as possible. This will help you achieve a good credit score. Paying off bills also means a clean image and a new start in your new home.

7.  Schedule a House Energy Audit of your New Place

Once you have shifted to your new place, it is good to hire a technician and let him conduct a home energy audit. This will help you know if you need to improve the insulation and furnace in your new house or not. It helps you know how and where the air is leaking in the house and help you seal those loopholes using different techniques. You can place a sweep at the base of the outside door using caulk around the windows.


Moving to a new house brings excitement and stress altogether. While shifting household belongings safely is your prime goal, make sure you set up all the utility services so that you can have a smooth and relaxing night at the new residence. Once after hiring professionally-trained Newcastle Removalists, make sure you follow all the points mentioned above in this post to make the move-in journey as smooth as possible. Schedule all the utility services including electricity, water, sewer, gas, internet and cable, phone etc before your final move to make things organised. So, consider all the tips and have a safe and smooth move.