The Complete Guide to Moving With a Baby on Board
A family moving into a new house

The Complete Guide to Moving With a Baby on Board

Mar 20, 2020 Every parent is aware of the fact that handling a baby is an adventure in itself. And imagine when this sort of adventure get combine with the challenges of a relocation process. It may seem like a nightmare, but there are some ways that can make it relatively easy. Many parents prefer to hire professional removalists in Newcastle, and that is a great way to save your time and efforts. However, there are many more things that you should know to make your move easy for your kids. Here is a complete guide to moving with a baby on board. Let’s have a look.

Before the Move

If you are moving with a baby on board, you need to plan your move perfectly. So, take your time and analyse all the essential factors that can make your move easy or difficult. Consider the following guidelines during the preparation time. Do not disturb the routine of your baby You should never disrupt the routine of your baby. Always make sure that your packing time is not coming in between their nap or snacks time. That can affect the mood and health of the baby. So no matter what, always maintain the routine of the kids. Use your time wisely When you are moving with a baby, you must learn how to utilise your time wisely. For instance, if your kids are awake, you will have to pay your attention to them. However, you can use their sleeping time to pack your belongings. Moving with a baby is difficult and time-consuming. This is because you cannot dedicate your entire time in packing and organising things. Thus, you need to start your packing process as early as possible. This will give you enough time to focus on your preparation as well as your baby. Talk to the Current paediatrician It is important to discuss with your current paediatrician about your move. If you are travelling a long distance, ask them to give you important tips and also some medicines. You can also ask your current paediatrician to recommend someone new who is close to your new home. Always remember to collect the copies of all the prescriptions. Pack a baby bag When you are packing your things, do not forget to pack a separate bag for your baby. You will require it throughout the journey and in the first night in your new home. This should have all the essential stuff like Diapers, Linens, feeding bottles, medicines, soft toys and other similar things. Hire professionals Moving is a stressful task, but when you have to accomplish the job with a baby, things become more challenging. After all, it is not at all easy to focus on the moving process and taking care of your baby at the same time. Thus you should hire removalists in Newcastle. They have experience and knowledge to execute the entire process in a hassle-free manner. Use Childcare If you are moving without removalists in Newcastle, then it becomes difficult to take care of your baby on a moving day. In such a scenario, you can contact any nearby childcare in Newcastle or request any family member to babysit for the day. That will help you to focus on your relocation.

During the Move

When you are moving, make sure you use a baby car seat to provide them with maximum safety during driving. Keep your baby bag with you in case you need diapers, medicines or anything else. If you are travelling a long distance, take frequent breaks and feed them on time. During summers, you should also consider moving early morning so that you can avoid the heat of the sun as much as possible.

After the Move

Once you complete your move, you need to focus on your unpacking and making the new home safe for your baby. Hiring reliable removalists in Newcastle can be beneficial in this particular situation. While they can unload and unpack all your belongings in an organised manner, you can focus on your baby and its belongings. Unpack your baby’s belongings The first thing you need to do is to unpack your baby bag and other belongings. This will help you organise the room for your baby properly. Always give priority to that room, so that your unpacking process doesn’t affect the snack time or sleep of your baby. Check the security Once you are done with organising the room, it is time to look into the security of the house. You need to make sure that the house is perfectly safe for the baby. So check the carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms and ensure that they are properly working. Also, install stair gates at the top as well as bottom of stairs to avoid any accidents. You should also check the windows and use window safety locks throughout the house.


Moving is itself a daunting task, and when you have a baby, things get more complicated and time-consuming. However, you want to accomplish a hassle-free and safe move with your baby, you need to know how to tackle the issues. The guidelines mentioned above will help you to relocate in the best possible way.