How To Choose The Best Moving Company?

How To Choose The Best Moving Company?

Nov 10, 2020 Most tenants and homeowners relocating to a new house get confused about choosing the right moving company. Over the years, the removals industry has witnessed tremendous growth as more and more companies have been established in the sector. However, this growth has led to the mushrooming of unreliable organisations that lure people who are stressed about moving with big claims. The last thing you want while moving is getting scammed, which is why it is essential to choose the right moving organisation. Here is a complete guide outlining how to find the best removals company in Newcastle. Have a look!

Look for Registered Companies

The first step for selecting the best moving company is to ensure the companies you are considering are registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). You can hire experienced and reliable removalists in Newcastle by booking them via a reputed company that operates according to obligations of the ASIC.

A Reputed Company is a One-Stop Destination

If you need to avail a variety of services to make your move comfortable and less stressful, then it would be ideal to look for a moving company that is a one-stop destination. Most reckoned removals companies in Newcastle offer different services for packing and moving at a long or short distance.

Ask if the Company Offers Backloading Service?

People with a tight moving budget can avail backloading service, which is an economical option to move your belongings. The service is commonly offered by reputed removalists in Newcastle by loading your belongings on a truck coming back from another job. For backloading, you only pay for space your property contents take in the truck. You have to be flexible for getting your things moved via backloading, but it is the cheapest option. By hiring a reputed removals company, you can ensure your belongings are safely and securely transported.

The Company Offers Insurance

To choose the best moving company, it is imperative to ask if they offer insurance or not. Although professional removalists in Newcastle ensure your belongings are handled and transported carefully without any kind of moving mishaps occur. There can be loss of items, or things can get damaged, which is why asking about insurance policies and your options is necessary. A reliable company will provide you with the option to get a good coverage moving insurance from a third-party agency. Note: Moving companies cannot directly sell insurance. If a company is advertising it, then don’t get scammed or lured by false promises.

Ask for a Free Quote

The company you choose doesn’t have to be the best for moving and handling your belongings only. It has to be the best for you financially too. Therefore, before booking removalists in Newcastle, make sure you get free quotes. These no-obligation quotes outline the charges of the services you want to avail. Many reputed companies even send removalists to assess the moving load, make an inventory, and provide a quote based on various factors. If you want to choose the best moving company, then make sure it analyses the things to move, and is upfront with the costs.

Pay Attention to Reviews

Reviews are people’s way of telling their experience with a company and its professionals. Thus you should pay attention to the feedback given by clients of a moving company you are considering to hire. Good companies always encourage clients to write feedback, and since their services are satisfactory, most clients give positive reviews. In addition, you can ask a company you are considering hiring for client references for getting feedback.

Inquire About Removalists

Since the professionals come to your house and handle your things, it becomes essential to know about their reliability. Inquire what the company’s policy for verification of its professionals is? Additionally, ask if they hire the removalists or sign them on contract. You can also ask about the credentials and permits of the removalists the company will send to your home for handling and moving your belongings.

Ask About Safety Measures

Before booking a removals organisation, ask about their safety policies. Being proactive is necessary to prevent any medical issues from happening while your things are being moved. Here are the things you should inquire about before booking removalists in Newcastle. • What steps do the professionals take to ensure the safety of household members? • Do the professionals use the latest and reliable moving equipment? • Are the removalists trained to handle a medical issue while moving property content?

The Bottom Line

Moving without stress and tiredness may seem impossible, but it can be managed by hiring the professional removalists. Use the tips mentioned above to find the best moving company in Newcastle for handling and moving your property contents. Finding a suitable company will make the process faster, easier, and comfortable.