What Are The Challenges of Moving In Cold Weather?

What Are The Challenges of Moving In Cold Weather?

Jul 14, 2020 Majority of the people move during the summer season because it is considered the ideal time to move. One of the main reasons is that the kids are in the middle of their school years, so they get a chance to start fresh at the new place. You also get other advantages, but not everyone gets the opportunity to choose to move when they want. Many people have to relocate during the cold weather. Although the removalists in Newcastle are always available for your help, this season has its own problem. If you want to know in detail, here are the challenges of moving house in cold weather. Let’s have a look!

You might have to deal with cold and flu

Cold and flu are common during the cold weather. So, if you are planning to move during this time, you might have to deal with the moving process as well as your health. Many people have a weak immune system which becomes more vulnerable during the winter. And, if any of your family members is not well during the moving process, things will be more difficult for you. It is an important reason why many people choose to move during the summers.

You can feel lazy

During the cold weather, you not get sick but also feel a lot lazy. People usually prefer to sit back, get cosy, and drink tea or coffee. Thus, experts believe that if you are planning to move during this weather, you should start your preparations as early as possible. Many people, who move during the cold weather, prefer to hire professional removalists in Newcastle. The experts can get the job done while you can relax and enjoy the weather.

Difficult to find a helping hand

The cold weather in Australia is more pleasant than the summer season, so many people plan an outing to various place with the families and friends. For instance, many youngsters like to go skiing. No matter when you are relocating, if you are moving on your own, you need the help of your family and friends. Therefore, people who move during cold weather often find it challenging to find a helping hand. So, you should inform them in advance or hire professional removalists in Newcastle.

Electronics need more care

One of the most common challenges that people face when they move during cold weather is that many electronics items get damaged. It happens because when the weather change, the temperature decreases. As a result of that, many electronic items develop condensation inside the internal part of the electronics, and that can lead to damage due to the presence of water. Thus, it is risky to move items like television, stereo equipment and speakers, desktop computers, printers, scanners, and copiers, video game equipment, and many more things.

Fragile items become more vulnerable during cold weather

Moving your fragile items is more difficult during the cold weather. It is because when the fragile items get exposed to cold temperatures, delicate items become more brittle, so there is always the risk of breakage, cracking, or chipping. Such things include glass items like frames, dishware, glassware, mirrors, wine and liquor bottles. That is why it is always advisable to hire experienced removalists in Newcastle to pack your fragile items, particularly when you are relocating during the cold weather.

Your furniture needs more protection

Not only your electronics and fragile items, but your wooden furniture also needs more protection when you are moving during the cold weather. The combination of low temperature and low humidity can be responsible for cracks and warps. That is why experts believe that you should apply a layer of wax to your wood furniture, ideally one or two weeks before the moving day. The will help seal in moisture, as well as prevent scratches, dust, and dirt.

Hiring a reliable company can be challenging

Not many people with families prefer to move during winters because the new school session starts in the summer. So, many unprofessional removals companies offer massive discounts to lure clients. Many people get trapped in the discount price tag and hire unprofessional companies. Also, people who plan to move during cold weather, book the reputed removalists in advance. So, if you decide to hire the professionals at the last moment, you will face the difficulty of unavailability.

The daylight is shorter

The daylight during the cold weather is shorter in comparison to the summer. So, you cannot take too much time for loading and unloading the truck. If you are moving during this time, you need to plan to get started at the earliest, ideally as soon as it gets light. Packed up everything and be ready to move the night before. If you want to save the daylight, detach the parts of your beds and use an air mattress to sleep the night before the move.

Rain can be more dangerous

Experts believe that even if you hire professional removalists in Newcastle, you should keep an eye on the weather report. If you expect rain on your moving day, you should not only pack your belongings more securely but also ensure the removalists are also ready for it. Rainfall can further lower the temperature, and the boxes will stay wet for a longer time.


If you are moving during the cold weather, you are most likely to encounter the challenges mentioned above. So, you should prefer to move during the summers. However, you left with no other choice but to move in such weather, opt for professionals help as they can make things a lot easier.