How Can A Good Removal Company Help You In Move?
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How Can A Good Removal Company Help You In Move?

Jul 31, 2019 It is no secret that relocation is one of the most challenging tasks. Whether you are moving due to some personal problem, an excellent job opportunity, education of your kids or something else, the hurdles remain more or less the same. However, the best removal companies in Newcastle can make the task significantly easier for everyone involved in the process. But it is a daunting task to choose the best removalists in Newcastle because there are several options in the market. So, you should know how a good removal company can make your moving process more manageable. In this post, you will read about different ways in which professional removalists can assist you. Let’s have a look.

1. Conduct A Thorough Survey Before Your Moving Day

As soon as you finalise your moving date, you should start searching for a reputed moving company in Newcastle. In this procedure, each company you have shortlisted should offer you a comprehensive survey of your home. This survey involves a trained professional or surveyor coming to your place to assess the entire property and all the belongings that need to be moved. This step helps you to get an accurate quotation, and they also understand your specific requirement or any challenges they might face on that day. The survey makes sure that the entire moving process gets completed in a hassle-free manner. It might take around one to two hours (depends on your property size) to complete the evaluation which is done free of charge. In this process, they inspect all the rooms one by one, including your basement or storeroom, cupboards, kitchen, etc. The more thorough the assessment is, the more precise the quotation you will get, and the move will be executed more smoothly.

2. They Have A Detailed Discussion About Your Move

This is another thing that a good removal company will always do. Without gathering all the relevant information, it is a challenging task to execute the moving process. To start the preparation properly, the professionals will ask you everything about the moving date and your approach. They need to know whether your moving date is final or whether it can be postponed. The professionals might also be interested to know if you want to move all your belongings. It is also essential for them to know when you are planning to contact the bond cleaners in Newcastle for final thorough cleaning of the property. All this information helps them to make their strategies and execute them flawlessly. They also let you know about their availability and the different cost estimations of moving in different seasons.

3. They Try To Understand Your Specific Requirement

The more a removal company is aware of the things surrounding the moving process. The more they will be able to customise the plan to match your specific requirements. For instance, if you decide to declutter your home before moving, you are most likely to end up with less stuff on the moving day than the professionals would have estimated during their survey. This will not only change the time taken to pack and load your stuff but also the price that was estimated. It is also crucial for you to discuss all the possibilities during the move and make sure that they are prepared for all kinds of challenges. Thus, you can be stress-free and manage all other moving chores like arranging a garage sale, looking for the new property, documentation etc. For instance, it would be a problem if they have to carry heavy furniture and appliances to the first or second floor due to the breakdown of the elevator. Other challenges could be a narrow staircase, bad weather, requirement of a storage place and so on. Whatever is the matter, have a detailed discussion with your removal company in Newcastle and know about their strategies to accommodate your requirements.

4. Offer Packing Material As Well As Service

This is a part of the pre-move survey. By the time professionals survey your place, you are most likely to know whether you require the help of removalists with packing or not. If they do the packing, you can get an idea about how they are planning to do the packing of your expensive furniture, large appliances and different delicate item like lampshades, cutlery, etc. And if you choose to pack on your own, they should offer you the right materials like boxes, tape and markers, etc. If it is the rainy season, make sure that they have an effective solution to deal with sudden rain. Whatever you decide, always remember that a good removal company is always committed and offers you constant support and quality advice.

5. They Maintain Transparency In Price

A good removal company always maintains transparency when it comes to costing. Once you have received quotes from different companies, start the comparison and choose the best one according to your moving budget. Make sure that the companies have shown the charges clearly and what exactly is covered in the price that you have been quoted. You should be very clear about things that are not covered and if there are any additional charges. All your specifications must be included, such as packing services, materials, parking charges, etc. You should not end up paying more than what was estimated, so there must be no scope for any hidden charges.


The moving process is quite challenging because you get involved in so many things at the same time. So, it is necessary to hire experienced removalists in Newcastle, so that you can complete the move in a hassle-free manner. When choosing a removals company, always look for the qualities mentioned above. Remember that only professionals with the right expertise can help you in the most demanding situations.