Best Schools In Newcastle, NSW: Moving Guide

Best Schools In Newcastle, NSW: Moving Guide

Sep 20, 2022 As Australia’s second oldest city, Newcastle is a beautiful NSW city located in the Hunter Region’s centre. It is a perfect city to relocate to with your family, especially kids. The city is a hub for world-class education facilities, healthcare centres, environmental services, and much more. Parents are moving to Newcastle because it offers the best education structure in the country. However, choosing the right school for kids depends on your preferences. According to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics, government schools held the highest share of enrolments, which is 65.1 per cent. If you are relocating, do proper research and create a checklist to make your work easier. Make sure you book cheap removalists Newcastle in advance and save your time and energy. They will pack and relocate your possessions while giving you enough time to create a list of the best schools for your kids. Here is a complete moving guide to help you find the best schools in the city. But before that, let’s dig into the checklist to help you find the ideal option.

Tips to Find the Best School When Relocating

1. Rely on Online Research

Finding a new school in an unfamiliar neighbourhood can be challenging. You can search for the best options online if you are busy with relocation chores. Visit government or official websites of different schools in your new location. Check the ratings, reviews and test scores. This will give you a better idea of the school’s reputation and performance.

2. Referrals

Do not forget to ask your relatives, colleagues or friends already living in the new neighbourhood. They will help you shortlist a couple of good schools, both private and government, as per your requirements.

3. Consider Your Kid’s Specific Needs

Moving home to a new place is stressful for your school-aged kids too. The fear of leaving the school, friends and neighbourhood behind can make them feel anxious and low. You need to convey the news of relocation very patiently and understand what they need. Find a good school with them by knowing their preferences. Do they have an interest in a particular subject or extracurricular activities? Here are important things to remember when choosing the school for your kid:
  • Academic structures
  • New-age learning programs
  • Personality Development sessions
  • Cleanliness and sanitisation
  • Safety and security

4. Visit Shortlisted Schools

Make sure you make a visit to schools and meet the principals. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask questions regarding the disciplinary policy, learning system, technology, sports and extra services. Make sure you consider 10 time saving tips for your next move if you want to find top-rated schools in Newcastle.

List of Best Schools in Newcastle, NSW For your Kids

To help you make the right decision, we bring you city’s best schools for your children:

1. Newcastle East Public School

Location: 48 Brown Street Newcastle, NSW Australia’s one of the oldest public schools, Newcastle East Public School, has been best known for its high-quality education for two centuries. The New South Wales Education Standards Authority has improvised and introduced the enhanced curriculum for all state schools, including NEPS. When it comes to the learning curriculum, the school introduces creative arts, human society and its environment,  personal development, health and physical education, religion and ethics, science and technology, Maths, English, languages, and much more. The school focuses on supporting its students in the following ways: Health and Safety They emphasise providing a safe, sound and happy environment for your kids. The school has been supporting the kid’s health via anti-bullying programs, peer support, anti-racism education, mediation training, road safety education, etc. Counselling for families The school has a team of counsellors who can assist families who face trauma or a big change like relocation. Our objective is to ensure that kids get a better and happier environment at school as well as a home. Inclusive Learning Support All public schools in NSW are prepared to support young students with disability. They provide additional support for better education.

2. Merewether High School

Location: 130 Chatham St, Broadmeadow, Newcastle, NSW The education in Merewether High School is based on outstanding academic, cultural and sporting achievements. Founded in 1977, it is a government-fused coed academically secondary day school. Apart from basic subjects, such as mathematics, English, science and social studies, the school also teaches Physical Development, Humanities, Religion and Ethics, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, etc. The best part is that all students will be given timetables with subjects, room locations and times. Plus, there is less peer pressure because in-house teachers focus on reducing stress. At Merewether High School, the trained Wellbeing Team offer support and guidance for all students for their educational enhancement. If you are relocating home, make sure you create a proper checklist and make the most out of your decision. It is important to fight the fear of moving home and stay organised.

3. Plattsburg Public School

Location: Wallsend, Newcastle, New South Wales It is a top-rated school that is up to Primary Session and is affiliated with the Australian Curriculum. Plattsburg is a Coed Day school and has classes from KG to VI. The Academic session starts in April, and it also focuses on providing extra curriculum activities to develop the skills of every kid. The in-house clubs and societies can polish the learning capabilities of small children and help them prepare for secondary school.

4. Newcastle High School

Location:  Parkway Ave Hamilton South, Newcastle, NSW Situated in the centre of Newcastle, it is one of the renowned schools that offer excellent learning programs, socio-economic structures and cultural backgrounds. Newcastle High School has a team of trained, enthusiastic and friendly teachers who are always ready to push the potential of students and enhance their learning capabilities. The education system also focuses on Asia and Australia Engagement, New-age learning programs, coding, physical development, health and development of kids, etc. If you want to give your kids the best education and safe environment, contact this school and enrol the name of your kid.

5. Newcastle Grammar School

Location: 60 Newcomen St, Newcastle NSW Believe it or not! Newcastle Grammar School is the leading Coed K-12 Independent school in the city. It has more than 1000 students and 150 staff and is spread over two campuses in Newcastle. The main objective is to deliver an exceptional holistic education that prepares students for the competitive world. Teachers at Newcastle Grammar School are shortlisted and selected on the basis of their experience, professionalism and dedication.

6. Newcastle Waldorf School

Location: 30 Reservoir Road, Glendale, Newcastle, NSW Are you looking for a school that offers KG to Primary, NAPLAN to aboriginal and Indigenous Culture to High School? Look no further than Newcastle Waldorf School. It promotes new-age education strategies and customised learning programs to allow your child to build a robust career in the competitive industry. The school also focuses on providing the best teaching sessions and learning programs to help your kids develop their capabilities, skills and personality. If you are relocating home to this beautiful city of NSW, this can be an ideal school for your kids. It has all the great facilities and infrastructure that your kid always wanted.


These are some of the best schools you can find in the neighbourhood of Newcastle. After relocating to your new home, you can choose according to your specific needs. If you want the safety of your household possessions, hire trained professional removalists Newcastle and spend time with your kids to make them feel better and cope with their emotional breakdown.