The Best Moving Boxes for All Your Packing Needs

The Best Moving Boxes for All Your Packing Needs

Jun 19, 2020 Packing is a significant part of the moving process since it helps protect property contents from getting lost or damaged. Besides important moving-related tasks such as decluttering, changing the address, discontinuing utilities, and booking removalists – packing also requires the investment of time and energy. To reduce the effort and hours put into packing, many people delegate the task to professionals who wrap and move their belongings. However, many still prefer to undertake the responsibility of securing their property contents themselves. To manage DIY packing, there is a requirement of the right packing boxes and supplies which non-specialists are clueless about. Therefore, here is a comprehensive guide by reputed removalists in Newcastle providing details of the best moving boxes for all your packing needs.

The Original Boxes

Understandably not everyone keeps the boxes of appliances, electronics, home décor items, and other household contents. However, it is worth the effort to look in the storeroom, attic, or basement to find original packing boxes of things. If they are in good and recyclable condition, then use them because they will fit and protect the item packed in them the best. In addition, after the moving date is finalised start keeping boxes of items procured for the new house and keep them in original packing to save time.

Wardrobe Boxes

Don’t know how to pack your clothes and other items in your wardrobes? According to professional removalists in Newcastle, you can purchase boxes specially designed to hang attires and keep shoes, undergarment, and accessories. These boxes usually have a hang bar and specifications ranging from 20” x 20” to 40” x 40” Cubic Feet. Many removalists even use these boxes for hanging comforters and blankets. You can purchase new ones for your belongings or even get used ones at economical prices.

Different Sized Boxes

It is common to find a set of 4 or more boxes of different sizes in the market to pack a variety of things. These sets are ideal for securely keeping household items in the kitchen, living area, bedroom etc. Professionals use these boxes to pack a host of things like utensils, home decor items, appliances, small electronics, beddings, toys etc. Since the packing boxes are of different sizes, they are multipurpose. As per requirement and budget, you can either purchase new ones online or procure them free from recycling centres, friends, commercial stores and other places. Note: For people who move frequently, it would be wise to store packing boxes in a storage unit/area for reuse. It will help reuse the boxes to prevent them from ending on landfills and also save you a lot of money.

Boxes for Bottles and Delicate Items

Have a wine and alcohol collection? Don’t worry as they can be moved with the help of cardboard or Styrofoam boxes. What’s more, there are boxes available for stacking and packing chinaware, crockery, and other delicate items in a household. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and have sections or inserts that help keep items segregated and secure in one place. These types of boxes may have plastic or foam linings and can be fitted in a carrier or cooler bags to keep the contents from breaking or spoiling. You can source these packing supplies online or offline via stores that sell wines/alcohol or glassware/dishware.

Heavy-Duty Flat Boxes

For packing paintings, mirrors, books, monitors, laptops, and other flat items in the household, these boxes are used. They are designed to have more length and width than height. With these packing supplies, you can ensure your contents are not scratched, broken, or damaged. The items can be wrapped in plastic film or bubble wrap and then inserted in the flat box to load in the moving truck. These can be placed against the trick’s walls or on the floor, and the best part is they don’t take too much space. What’s more, for long paintings or mirror special telescope boxes are available which have two parts that can be connected to form a large flat container.

File Storage Boxes

It is common for important documents and files to get lost during the moving process. Therefore, the best option is to invest in file storage boxes that are designed to keep files, documents, and important papers securely in one place to avoid their misplacement. Most reputed removalists in Newcastle use these boxes to help people have their important paperwork be on-person. The boxes can travel in your vehicle or kept in a storage unit until the move is completed for retrieving when required.

Wrapping Up

Having the right packing boxes are essential for securing your belongings from damage while they are handled and moved by professional removalists in Newcastle or yourself. They make transportation of household hassle-free and comfortable. The boxes mentioned are readily available in stores in Newcastle or can be procured from e-commerce portals.