How to Avoid These 7 Common Moving Mishaps?
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How to Avoid These 7 Common Moving Mishaps?

Aug 13, 2019 A few mistakes can convert a well-planned moving process into a complete disaster. The moving process is considered quite challenging as there are so many things that need to be done within a given time frame, which lead to some common mistakes. These mishaps can prove very costly. Thus it is essential to identify these mistakes and make sure that you avoid them. To avoid moving mishaps, people usually opt for experienced removalists in Newcastle. However, there are also a few things that you need to take care of to ensure that your house move is carried out as per the plan. Starting preparation at the last moment is the primary reason behind all the problems. So start your planning early to avoid these errors. Here is a list of blunders that people often make during the moving process, and how you can prevent them. Let’s have a look!

1. Damaging Your Furniture

Damaging furniture is a common moving mishap. During the moving procedure, items like sofa, desks, chairs and other similar furnishings can get easily scratched. Between packing, lifting and loading these heavy items, people often accidentally drop or bang them against another surface, which damages the furniture. However, some easy tips can help you avoid furniture damage on your moving day. How to Avoid? You can disassemble the furniture as much as possible, but make sure that you first read the instructions of the manufacturer or supplier. Then pack all the parts appropriately. You can use plastic wrap and moving blankets to protect them. You should also use adequate moving equipment like loading ramps and dollies. They must be tie-downs during the moving.

2. Choosing An Unprofessional Removals Company

This is another moving mishap that people often make. They hire removalists who are not experienced and lack technical knowledge about packing and loading expensive furniture and heavy appliances. There are also many removals companies that apply hidden charges. People fall in their trap because they quote less amount in comparison to a genuine company. And this happens because people choose them without doing proper research, but you can avoid this problem. How to Avoid? Do as much research as possible. Talk to your close friends and family and look if they recommend any name or not. Talk to various companies and ask them to send an executive at your place. Read reviews and talk to their previous clients. These things will help you to find a genuine removalist in Newcastle. In short, when you are looking for a professional, take your time but hire the best one.

3. Arranging Cleaning Professionals On The Moving Day

People often make the mistake of hiring bond cleaners in Newcastle on the moving day to save their precious time. This can disturb your moving process as the cleaning professionals, and the removalists can obstruct each other’s work. You will not only delay the moving process but also fail to impress the landlord/ property manager with the cleaning standard. Thus you can lose your bond money. Additionally, if you are selling the house, you might find it challenging to get a buyer. How to Avoid? Always arrange for bond cleaning after you are done with packing and loading of all your belongings. To clean your home properly, it is crucial that it is empty. Contact all the professionals in advance so that you can discuss the time slot you want.

4. Overlooking Moving Day Essentials

When you are in the middle of the moving chaos, you might forget to keep the essential things near you. These are the things that you will require immediately after you move to your new place. In the absence of these items, you can get really frustrated. It is not possible for anyone to immediately unpack all the belongings and find out a specific item, but it can be avoided. How to avoid? Make a moving day essentials bag before you start packing your stuff. This bag must have all the necessary items like toiletries, important documents, medicines, wallet, paper towels, toilet paper, phone & laptop chargers, cleaning supplies, extra clothes and more. Also make sure that it contains basic unpacking tools like a knife, scissors, cutter, etc.

5. Leaving Essential Documents To Be Packed By The Removalists

Experienced removalists in Newcastle have the ability to pack and flawlessly load your belongings. However, it will be a huge mistake if you allow them to pack your essential documents. For instance, the removalists have packed and loaded everything in the truck and are all set to go. At that point, you need your passport or chequebook, but you have no idea about their location. That can be a massive problem. How to avoid? Prepare a documents bag before you start your packing. Keep your passports, birth and wedding certificates, prescriptions and other necessary legal paperwork in that bag. Also, make sure that you put cash stocks, expensive jewellery and your coin collections in it. Always keep the bag with you during the entire moving process. Don’t forget to set up utilities in your new home before one week prior to the move.

6. Letting Kids And Pets Stay Inside The Home On Moving Day

This is another common moving mishap. The moving day is always stressful because you stay occupied with numerous things. The last thing that you want to do is running behind your kids and pets on that day. This will not only delay the entire procedure but also increase the chances of injury. How to avoid? To tackle this situation, you would need a helping hand. Talk to your family, close friends, or reliable neighbours to take care of the kids for that day. You can contact a pet care centre in Newcastle so that they can take care of the pet for one or two days.

7. Including Hazardous Materials Along With Other Belongings

There are some items that you should not move along with the other belongings. This is because these things can damage other items and can even cause an accident. You need to ship them separately to make your move safely. How to avoid? Pack a separate box that has combustible liquids such as alcohol, fluid cleaner and anti-freeze. Also, consider things like corrosive liquids such as paints, dyes and anti-rust compounds. Do not pack explosives such as signal flares, spear guns and fireworks with other belongings.


You will find a lot of information on what to do on your moving day, but it is equally important that you know about the mistakes that you need to avoid. The slip-ups and their solutions mentioned here will help you complete your moving process in a hassle-free manner.