A Practical Guide For Moving With Pets

A Practical Guide For Moving With Pets

Mar 08, 2022 Packed boxes, messed up belongings and suitcases around the living room can make your pet anxious. Whether you have a dog or a cat, both are extremely sensitive and can easily get stressed out when packing your household belongings. They can sense the big change in their daily routine, which can be a serious problem. It can be tough to manage different moving chores for a responsible pet owner. They need your time, extra care and attention all the time. That’s why hiring professional Newcastle removalists can prove to be a great decision. Experts can tackle everything independently and transport household belongings without any delays or blunders. Here is a complete guide that will help relocate home with pets. Make sure you stay relaxed and calm throughout the process and spend quality time with your four-legged family member whenever they need you. Let’s Get Started!

1. Plan Ahead

Moving to a new place is a complicated process that needs your time and attention. However, this doesn’t mean you ignore your beloved pet. It will be beneficial to plan your home relocation process at least 8 weeks prior to the final moving day. This will give you enough time to plan everything in a streamlined manner and avoid silly mistakes. It is good to sell your stuff before you move if you want to reduce your moving load. Get rid of unnecessary items and earn extra dollars.

2. Check Rules And Regulations

Do not forget to check rules and regulations related to pet ownership when moving to a new city, state or apartment complex. So, check the policies ahead of time and find out whether there are any breed restrictions. You are only allowed to keep pets in a rental property if a landlord has no objection. So, clear everything before moving to a new home in Newcastle.

3. Visit Your Vet

If you are moving across the new place, take your pet to the vet. A detailed check to know whether your pet’s physical and mental health is good for a moving journey or not. It is good to inform them about home relocation so that you can take all records and prescription medicines with you. They can also help you recommend a reliable vet in your new location.

4. Keep Your Dog/Cat Safe

Most pet owners are concerned about their pet on the final moving day. They can hurt themselves if they roam around packed boxes, large furniture pieces and other hazardous items. Make sure you move a fridge and freezer safely and other large appliances when you have a pet around you. It is good to hire professionals who can do heavy lifting for you and give you peace of mind. It is imperative to give them a safe and secure environment while you are busy in packing and moving chores. You can either keep your pet in a separate zone where they can play freely or leave them with your friend or relative. Make sure you feed them on time and stick to their daily routine as much as possible. This will keep their anxiety level at bay.

5. Arrange a Travelling Carrier

Make sure you arrange a suitable carrier for your cat because they can travel freely, even in your car. So, look for a spacious one that can give them comfort, space and peace throughout the journey. Tip: Put a couple of favourite toys inside the carrier for your beloved pet.

6. Stick to Their Daily Routine

Dogs don’t like changes in their routine. They feel safe and comfortable when everything happens according to the same schedule. So, don’t break their day-to-day routine while managing your home relocation process. You can hire Newcastle removalists to pack belongings and large items with precision. This will give you enough time to spend with your pet whenever needed.

7. Pack an Overnight Kit

Make sure you pack an overnight kit for your pet when moving to a new home. Prepare a bag and add their food, toys, cat litter, grooming brushes, blankets, etc. Your pet will stay comfortable at the new place until you unpack household boxes and settle in the abode when you prepare their overnight kit.

8. Update their Information

Do not forget to update the microchip and tags information of your pets and a add new address and phone number.

9. Safely Move with Fish

Are you moving with fish? Since they respond quickly to stress and move can be uncomfortable, make sure you take extra care of them. You can check with your local aquarium store in Newcastle for supplies and complete details. They can suggest you transport them in a bag filled with their old tank water. This applies if you are moving locally. Give them to your friends or relatives if you are moving across the new state because they can’t survive long distance.

10. Pet-Proof Your New Home

Pets can get anxious when they find themselves in an unfamiliar place. This can increase your stress level as well. So, it is good to pet-proof your new abode by keeping boxes in the storeroom. Also, keep potentially dangerous items, such as chemicals, batteries, knives and cleaning products away from them.


Keeping a beloved pet safe, secure and comfortable during home relocation can be challenging. However, these tips will help you become a responsible pet owner and move safely to the new abode. Make sure you hire a good moving company in Newcastle for a stress-free experience.