9 Tips For A Seamless Apartment Moving Day

9 Tips For A Seamless Apartment Moving Day

Oct 08, 2021 Contrary to popular belief moving out of an apartment is equally challenging and stressful as moving house. You have to pack your belongings, clean the property, change address, set up utilities and manage other moving-related tasks simultaneously. Vacating an apartment is never easy because of multiple flights of stairs, limited space and narrow passageways restrict movement. Therefore, hire experienced removalists in Newcastle to move your belongings without damage or hassle. Additionally, follow these nine tips to have a seamless apartment moving day.

1. Serve Proper Notice

Reread your apartment’s lease agreement to confirm the notice period and notify your landlord about your plan to move accordingly. Usually, a moving out notice is of four weeks, but it can be up to two months. The contract also specifies the notice serving method you need to use and how to inform the property owner/manager, i.e. via email or a signed form.

2. Move On A Weekday

Commonly weekdays are the preferred time for moving, but to have a seamless apartment moving day, schedule the removalists to arrive on a weekday. This way, you avoid people traffic in lifts and stairs. Additionally, most of your neighbours will be at work and you can move your property content without disturbing anyone. Also, you can arrange parking with ease for your hired removalists in Newcastle from Monday to Friday.

3. Plan Everything With The Removalists

Before booking removalists in Newcastle, inform them you live in an apartment and share the guidelines for maintaining decorum in the complex. Schedule a pre-move survey to ask any questions and help the professionals to know the floor, lift facilities, stairs count estimate, and other important information. It will enable them to devise an action plan and keep necessary moving equipment on hand for smooth removals.

4. Reduce Your Packing & Moving Load

When moving out of an apartment, get rid of everything that doesn’t serve a purpose, especially if you move into another unit. Space quickly becomes an issue in a unit, which is why you should declutter or downsize only to take things you need. Also, reducing your packing and moving load is suitable for you and your hired removalists in Newcastle, as there are fewer items to handle and transport. Depending on the condition and usefulness of your belongings, choose to keep, discard, donate or resell them.

5. Keep Children/Pets Out Of Harm’s Way

When your hired removalists in Newcastle arrive on the moving day, keep your children and pets away from hallways, entry points and passageways. Children and pets can hamper the operations of the professionals plus, it is dangerous for them to be near heavy furniture, bulky appliance and big boxes being carried by removalists. On the moving day, make your children or pets safe in a room with food, drinks, toys, and items of comfort. Hang a do not disturb sign on the door and check on them routinely to ensure they are fine. Alternately, you can send your pet or child to the care of a family member or a trusted friend for a few days.

6. Pack An Essentials Bag

An essentials bag is crucial when moving to have everything you would need during travel and upon arrival at your new home. Your essential bag should contain snacks, water, medicines, toiletries, change of clothes, towel, wipes, charger, keys, and anything important. While packing the bag for your small children or pets, don’t forget their feeding utensils, toys, comfort blankets, binkies, food etc.

7. Reserve Parking Space For Moving Truck

Whether you rent a moving truck or book professional removalists in Newcastle, reserve a sparking space to avoid delays or inconvenience. Talk to your apartment complex manager or property owner and get the required permit to park the vehicle. Specify the date, estimated arrival time of the moving truck and reservation duration to prevent confusion on the moving day.

8. Deep Clean The Apartment

Tenants must book a professional end of lease cleaner to deep clean their apartment after vacating the property and before the property owner performs the final property inspection. It will ensure you get your bond back in full, and you can move out without worry. Alternatively, thoroughly clean the apartment yourself after decluttering and moving your belongings. Get the right cleaning and disinfecting supplies and follow a checklist to streamline the process and manage everything in time.

9. Inspect The Apartment & Document Its Final Condition

Before leaving the apartment, inspect every nook, cranny and corner and take pictures and videos for the final condition report. Tenants who pay a rental bond at the start of a tenancy get copies of an original condition report by the landlord, which documents its current state. At the end of a tenancy, the tenant shares a similar report documenting the final condition of the property. It determines whether the bond is refunded completed or with deductions for damages, cleaning or repair.


Moving out of an apartment is stressful and tiring due to limited space, narrow areas and multiple floors. Therefore, you should hire professional removalists in Newcastle to manage the strenuous task for you. Additionally, use the tips shared above to have a seamless apartment moving day and get to your new home without stress.