9 Reasons Why Moving House Is So Stressful

9 Reasons Why Moving House Is So Stressful

Jul 15, 2022 Are you moving homes and are already getting stressed and worried? It is common to feel anxious and worried when relocating to a new residence, even if it is a short distance away. You can always hire professional removalists in Newcastle who will help pack and move all your belongings for a stress-free moving day. Here are some of the top reasons why moving house is so stressful and tips on how you can ease this stress:

1. You Have To Move Everything

  • It is easy to accumulate things over time and collect many items. When you start packing for a house move, you realise how many things you have.
  • Packing and moving so many items when moving houses can make you stressed.
  • The best way to deal with this issue is to plan everything.
  • Create a checklist of all your items and start decluttering and throwing; donate or sell the items you have not used in a long time. This will reduce your burden of moving and stress as well.

2. Moving Is A Big Change

One of the significant causes of stress when moving homes is the fact that it is such a significant change. You have to get used to a new home and possibly a new town. You will have to leave all your friends and neighbours behind, and all this tension can add to your moving woes. The best solution is to visit your new home and town as much as possible before you move to get more accustomed to it. You will also meet your new neighbours and get to know them better.

3. Your Kids Are Not Happy With The Move

If your kids are unhappy with the move, this could stress you out. Kids will not like leaving their friends behind and might throw tantrums while you are packing and moving your things. Instead of getting angry at them, you should try listening to them and talking to them about the move. Explain why this move is essential and better than your current place. You can even highlight the good things about your new home and ask them how they will set up their new home so that they can get excited about the move. You should also help them stay in touch with their friends even after moving to your new home.

4. Too Many Tasks

There is a lot to do when moving homes in Australia, like paying all your bills, changing your address, checking all the utilities, etc. This can become overwhelming, especially when you still have to finish packing your belongings. You can ease this stress by making a checklist of everything you have to do and trying to finish as much as possible before you move. You should also hire professional removalists in Newcastle to pack all your belongings so that you have one more minor task to worry about.

5. You Will Have To Spend A Lot

Moving homes can become quite costly, and all these financial burdens can affect your mental health. But the best way to deal with this is to create a moving budget in advance. You can estimate how much you have to save while subtracting your daily expenses from your income. You can also make some extra cash by hosting a garage sale, using household items to pack your belongings and booking local removalists Newcastle in advance to get lower prices and discounts.

6. Unexpected Events While Moving

Moving is a big task, and there can often be many unexpected events that occur. You might have to deal with some damages in the new home, add more things to your packing, or find a storage unit at the last minute.
  • All these last-minute events can create stress for you and make you anxious.
  • You should set aside a little extra money for unexpected events and ask your friends and family for help when moving.
  • The main thing to remember is that these things happen, and you must not stress about them.

7. Not Getting Enough Rest

When moving homes, it is natural to get worried and anxious about everything to do. You might not get enough sleep and rest and be tired while packing and moving all your items. This is not healthy, and you can harm your health like this. It is essential to take time out for yourself and get enough sleep daily. Let the local removalists in Newcastle handle all your packing and moving while you take some time off and rest.

8. You Don’t Know How To Go About Packing

Packing all your belongings can be challenging, especially when unsure what and how to do things. You should call friends and family to guide you on how to pack or get professional help from local removalists in Newcastle. These experts have all the proper packing equipment and material to pack up all your items quickly, and they even know how to move your fragile items safely.

9. You Are Not Using Professional Help

Moving homes is stressful, and doing everything yourself adds to the stress. You might not be aware of many things, and you will have to arrange moving equipment to load and unload items. You can avoid all this hassle by hiring professional removalists in Newcastle who can take care of all the moving tasks and ensure all your items are unloaded safely in your new home.


The above factors are significant causes of stress when moving homes, but with good organisational tips and expert help, you can move without any worries.