9 Expert Solutions for Common Moving Problems

9 Expert Solutions for Common Moving Problems

Jul 09, 2020 If you are planning to relocate then, you must be ready to face the common moving problems! When you have to cope up with numerous responsibilities at the same time, mistakes are unavoidable. These mistakes lead to some serious problems that make the moving procedure even more stressful. Luckily, there are solutions to these problems. People hire removalists in Newcastle because they are aware of the relocation challenges. However, if you want to accomplish the move in a stress-free manner, it is essential that you also know about the issues and their solution. Here are some expert solutions for common moving problems. Let’s have a look!

Problem 1: Unable to Finish the Packing on Time

One of the most common moving problems that people face is that they are unable to finish the packing on time. It happens when you delay the process until the last minute and then try to finish it quickly. That creates a lot of confusion and leads to chaos on the moving day. Expert Solutions You should start your packing process at least 4 to 6 weeks before the moving day. Spend a couple of hours daily in packing to get the job done in an organised and hassle-free manner.

Problem 2: Too Many Things to Pack

Another moving problem that people often face is that they have to pack too many items. That leads to a lot of confusion and makes relocation a time-taking process. It happens when you pack everything you have without thinking about its relevance. Expert Solutions Before you start packing, you should always declutter your home. Make a list of things that you don’t need any more and then sell, donate or toss them. It will reduce your overall moving expense.

Problem 3: Unable to Manage Everything Single-handedly

Moving is one of the most difficult tasks that you can come across in your lifetime. You need to take care of so many responsibilities at the same time that causes a lot of stress. Some people find it extremely to manage everything single-handedly. Expert Solutions If you find it challenging to manage all the moving tasks on your own, talk to your friends or family and ask for help. You also have the option to hire experienced removalists in Newcastle. They will share your burden and make the moving a lot easier for you.

Problem 4: Caught Up In a Moving Scam

One of the most serious moving problems is when you caught up in a moving scam by some unprofessional removals company. People face this problem when they book a company in hustle or get lured by the massive discount. When you face the problem, you end up paying more money or with damages/lost items. Expert Solutions The only way is to avoid this problem is to do sufficient time to research your moving company. Ask for recommendations, read reviews, talk to previous customers and do not choose a company because you are getting a discount.

Problem 5: Unavailability of the Removals Companies

Many people find it difficult to decide whether they should perform the relocation on their own or hire professional removalists in Newcastle. They face this dilemma until the last minute, and when they want to go with experts, they face the problem of their unavailability. Expert Solutions If you don’t want to face the problem of unavailability of the removalists, book their service at the earliest. Start your planning at least 6 to 8 weeks before moving day and decide within a week or so.

Problem 6: Forgot Where You Packed Essential Items

Another common issue that people face is that they forgot where they had packed essential items like phone chargers, paper towel, first aid kit, etc. It can be very frustrating and can force you to unpack your boxes immediately after moving. Expert Solutions The best way to deal with this problem is to pack a moving day kit. This kit should have all the essentials that you might need on the first day after moving.

Problem 7: Damaged Furniture and Floor during the loading process

People who relocate on their own often end up damaging their costly furniture and the floor of the rental property when they load their belongings into the truck. It happens due to lack of technical knowledge and equipment. Expert Solutions To protect the furniture and floor, you should opt for reliable removalists in Newcastle. They use all kinds of equipment and know-how to load your belongings safely into the truck.

Problem 8: Kids/ Pets Distracting On the Moving Day

If you have kids or pets in the house, they can be a massive distraction on the moving day. They can not only delay the moving process but also get injured during the loading process. Expert Solutions If you don’t want your kids or pets to be a distraction, prepare a plan for them. Ask a friend or family to take care of the kid while you can book pet care centre for a few days and send your pet.

Problem 9: Moving Into a Home with No Basic Utilities

When people involved in too many responsibilities, they sometimes overlook some vital task which can later cause a lot of problems. One such problem is moving into a home with no essential utilities like electricity, water, phone, etc. Expert Solutions You should always transfer your utilities at the right time. The procedure can take some time, so you should forward your request at least a month before you move.


Moving is a complicated process so you can rule out the problems. They are inevitable! All you can do is to make efforts to minimise the number of moving problems and ensure a smooth and safe relocation. So, the next time to plan to move, consider the most common moving problems their expert solutions as mentioned above.