8 Smart Ways To Save Money On Moving Costs

8 Smart Ways To Save Money On Moving Costs

Mar 27, 2023 House moves are costly, and you need proper financial planning before you move to a new home. People often face financial distress during this time because, in addition to their fixed household expenses, they also have to pay removalists in Newcastle an average of $73.75 per half hour. The entire cost of a house move with professional help can run into hundreds and even thousands if your home has more than three bedrooms. Besides the cost of removalists, you have to shell out money for rental bond, advance rent, change of address fees, parking permits, and much more. Therefore, it is crucial to follow a tight budget. Also, find ways to save money while moving because if you don’t, you can end up depleting your savings.  To start, look at the 8 smart ways below to save money on moving costs.

1. Get Rid of Unwanted Things in Your Home

Whether you have moved before or moving for the first time, you have to declutter when moving house. You can accumulate a ton of unwanted things and have items that have become useless over time. Besides being a good activity for your mental well-being, decluttering is also practical because it reduces the packing and moving load. Professional removalists in Newcastle charge by the hour & weight of the items to move.

2. Plan Your Relocation During Non-Peak Moving Time

December to February (summer) is the busiest time to move, as school terms end, bi-annual or annual leases come to a close, the weather is favourable, and the housing market is abuzz. Therefore, removalists in Newcastle, rent, packing supplies and many other things can cost more than usual. If you can move during non-peak seasons, it is a great way to move on a budget and save a ton of money.

3. Make Bookings, Updates & Changes in Advance

Start looking for removalists in Newcastle at least six weeks before moving and make a booking 4-3 weeks before the moving day. It will help you get discounts and avoid high charges for last-minute bookings. Additionally, get your utility connections, address changes and parking permits in time to avoid paying penalties or keep paying for amenities of a house you don’t live in anymore.

4. Move on a Weekday

Moving on a weekday means less traffic, fewer delays and better availability of good removalists in Newcastle. Most people prefer to move on weekends because they take off from work. Therefore, demand for removalists and other moving-related services is higher on weekdays. If you plan to move on a weekday, you can save money and avoid disturbing your neighbours as well, which is another benefit.

5. Ask for Free Moving Boxes

You will need more than 60 cardboard boxes for a small to medium house or apartment. A moving box depending on size and design can cost anywhere between $1 to $10, meaning you can end up spending up to $100 on the boxes. Therefore, to reduce this cost, scour your local markets, bookstores, wine & liquor shops and other retail stores to get free moving boxes. You can also seek them online via The Freecycle Network, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, etc.

6. Host a Garage Sale

After decluttering and downsizing for a house move, you can have several things in good condition or never used. You can host a physical garage sale in your yard and sell books, clothes, appliances, furniture and much more. If you don’t want the hassle of arranging a physical sale, you can use online garage sale websites to sell your stuff and get it out of your home before packing.

7. Utilise Household Things for Packing

Contrary to popular belief, you can use many household items for packing. Thus, gather the newspapers, socks, bedsheets, towels, paper scraps and anything else you can find and utilise for filling empty space or covering your things. Even plastic containers with lids, suitcases, laptop bags and other items will come in handy to store and move belongings.

8. Explore Affordable Moving Options

A full-service moving service is the costliest option because the professionals help manage your entire move. It is also the least stressful way to relocate to a new home. It is also not the only moving option reputed removalists in Newcastle offer. You can contact your local removalists to know what affordable moving service they provide. Inquire about backloading, renting a storage container, and other services to cut down on moving costs. Most reputed removalists offer personalised solutions based on your requirements, and you can customise their services to come up with an economical solution. Tip: If you are moving long-distance or interstate, backloading is the most economical way to move. However, it can take time, and you mustn’t choose this option when moving on short notice.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new home is always financially taxing, but with proper planning and preparation, you can relocate without stress on a tight budget. You must hire professional removalists after comparing quotes. Also, use the eight smart ways shared above to cut costs and move to your new home without depleting your savings.