8 Simple Things to Consider Before Moving from Sydney to Newcastle
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8 Simple Things to Consider Before Moving from Sydney to Newcastle

Feb 09, 2018 Newcastle is an excellent place to raise a family. There are an array of locations to hang around, and housing is relatively affordable. It has access to great beaches, live music, arts, and restaurants. The lifestyle is quite relaxed with friendly people all around. But if you are moving from Sydney to Newcastle, one thing that you should care about is the course of relocation. Relocating to a new place is tricky. There are many things that you need to look after. It is essential to organise your move in advance so that the process is smooth and tension free. If you are planning to move to Newcastle, you are going to love it. You will find Newcastle a great place to live an exquisite lifestyle, and the cost of accommodation is so much better. But don’t forget that moving from Sydney to Newcastle is somewhat stressful. You have to pack almost all your household and move to a new place. This is overwhelming and exhausting. But you can make the whole process comfortable and enjoyable by hiring experienced and licenced Sydney to Newcastle removalists like Better Removalists Newcastle for the job. They have been moving homes between these places, and have immense experience. If you are moving from Sydney to Newcastle then do consider these following 8 things:

1. Planning in Advance

Planning the move can save hours of extra time, lots of extra money and will help in reducing the pressure of relocation. Planning thing generally eases out many tasks. Start by writing down all the things you need to check. Plan on where you should start. Keep updating your moving checklist list so that you cover all steps and points. If you follow a proper strategy then surely things will get easier.

2. Hire a removalist

When you are moving from Sydney to Newcastle, no wonder you have to make special arrangements. You cannot do it all by yourself as it is not just about packing your items and get going. It is much bigger than that. Hence, it’s better to hire a removalist after checking for the details of services provided by them. They will not only pack and load your stuff but can help you unpack at your new location. Thus,can help to reduce a lot of stress that you will have about moving your entire household to a new city.

3. Update friends and family

While living at a place, it’s natural to develop close acquaintances and friends. Update them with your new contact information. After moving to the new location, your address, phone number, many things change. Hence, to keep in touch with your friends and family give them all the information in advance. Send a mail or a text message about your new contact. This will help in keeping up with the important people whom you don’t want to lose.

4. House and contents insurance

Insurance is essential for your relocation. You must contact your insurance provider to make sure about all the terms and conditions and types of coverage available. Your current home insurance policy should terminate the day after you have moved out. Also, don’t forget to take the insurance policy for your belongings when in transit. You can also check with your removalist if they provide insurance for goods. An experienced and reliable removalist like Better Removalists Newcastle will provide full coverage for your possessions. Complete all the documentation before you move into the new home.

5. The Box of Essentials

When you go to the new house, you can’t start unpacking everything the same day. You will need to relax first before setting the new home and unpacking everything. So it is essential to have a box of essentials, which will have your daily items. Pack few clothes, bed linen, basic toiletries, medicines, toys (in case of kids), towels, and any other important things you may require. This will make your first day a lot more comfortable. And you will not end up searching every box for your toothbrush in the midnight.

6. Clean your house

Cleaning your house carefully before moving is a crucial step. Either do it yourself or hire professional cleaners. Hiring experts will be a better option as at the time of relocation you will be too busy with other vital chores. And don’t clean your home in a hurry or your landlord will get a chance to point it out and deduct your bond money. Hire best professional cleaning company of Sydney and get your house cleaned if you don’t want to lose your bond money.

7. Sort out your stuff

We usually keep a lot of things at home. Most of it we either don’t use anymore or don’t need them. It’s better to throw off the useless stuff. You can donate the unused things or keep a sale at your home. But it is better not to take extras with you. It will not only cost you additional money but also will disorganise your new house.

8. The best day and time to move

In a city like Newcastle, avoid moving on a day which is either on weekend or a holiday. Roads will be busy, and you may meet huge traffic on the way too. You don’t wish to sit in traffic for extra hours as it will cost you spare money. Also, keep a check on the weather of both the cities. You don’t want your household stuff and expensive items to get soggy by any chance. And moreover, if it rains on your moving day, it can cause you other issues also. Hence, check the temperature and weather before time.


Whenever relocating, a lot of stress is always involved. But, if you follow these simple guidelines, it becomes easy for you. Moving from Sydney to Newcastle can be immensely wearing. However, if you take the assistance of an experienced and reliable Sydney to Newcastle removalists like Better Removalists Newcastle, it will become much smoother. They have trained team with expertise in moving houses between Sydney and Newcastle. They have full knowledge of both the cities and can assist you with everything to make you feel much relaxed.