8 Signs You’ve Found A Great Moving Company
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8 Signs You’ve Found A Great Moving Company

Jun 12, 2020 Moving a house from one location to another involves proper planning, a lot of time and energy. From purging unnecessary items to packing delicate items, lifting heavy boxes to choosing the right size moving truck, you have to manage everything without creating any chaos or panic. Whether you are moving locally within Newcastle or preparing for a long-distance move, it is always good to search for the best moving company for the safety of your household belongings. An experienced company can take care of your precious possessions throughout the process- from packing to lifting, loading to unloading. You don’t need to spend hours in packing items or arranging a moving vehicle. They will take care of all your moving needs without causing any damage. However, choosing the ideal removalists in Newcastle is one of the tedious tasks. You can’t end up hiring any cheap or unprofessional moving company. It is because they don’t know the right techniques and skills to lift and transit valuable belongings. They can even damage your valuable items if not handled properly. If you want to keep your much-loved belongings intact, have a look at these signs that will help you know that you have found a great moving company:

1. Genuine Reviews

Thorough research is one of the best ways to know whether the shortlisted removal company is best for you or not. To see the professionalism and authenticity of the company, you can have a look at genuine or good customer reviews. Previous customers are one of the reliable sources to know how professional removalists work. You can find customer reviews on many reviews websites in a matter of a few clicks. Carefully filter the reviews and check what don’t like about the company. You can even ask them to provide you with the contact details of previous customers so that you can cross-check further important details before making the final decision.

2. A Good Website

Having a good website or an organised office is a great sign that you’ve found the most reliable moving company. An official website gives you an idea about the different types of services such as local move, interstate removals, packing services, storage facility, etc. A good company always strives to offer a comprehensive range of solutions to reduce the stress out of your move. They take care of all your relocation needs and assist you throughout the process. So, don’t forget to visit their official site and discover everything – from pricing policy to contact details, customer reviews to services pages for better clarity.

3. Upfront Estimates

Cheap moving rates might attract you, but you could end up paying more as hidden charges. That’s why it is better to break down the prices for more clarity. Make sure the estimate you received cover basic wage for the removalists, company and truck expenses. If not, then avoid hiring such companies because they could ask to you pay more as moving charges later on. So, if your company is giving you upfront or thorough estimate, then you have found the right moving partner. They usually provide you with an estimate after assessing the size and weight of household belongings you are planning to move.

4. Insurance Coverage and Protection

If your company is offering full value protection, this means that any damaged item will be repaired to its original condition. They will protect your belongings against scratches, damages and other losses during the lifting and transiting process.

5. Experienced Removalists One of the ideal signs of a good company is their team of trained and experienced removalists. A renowned company always send professionally-trained people who can assist you throughout the process without giving you a hint of stress. Make sure they have at least 2-5 years of experience in moving all types and sizes of items. Plus, it is good to hire local removalists in Newcastle if you are moving across the street or a surrounding suburb.

6. Upfront Contracts

Good moving companies will offer you all the necessary information related to your relocation, their T&Cs and responsibilities through an email. Apart from this, they always have current or valid movers Public Liability Certificate that you can easily check out their official website or ask them to send you via an email.

7. Service Guarantee

A trusted removal company will give you a complete service guarantee so that you can transit your valuable items without any damages. From packing your fragile items to lifting heavy boxes, they will do everything with extreme care and responsibility. You can hire removalists if they promise to give you a safe and sound moving experience with a 100 % service guarantee.

8. Robust Customer Support

Consistent, Instant and clear communication is a great sign of reliable removalists. A good company always has a team of customer care executives who can resolve all your queries related to the service and pricing policy. If you are getting quick replies on your queries, then you have found a great moving service provider.


There are several key factors you need to keep in mind while searching for the best removalists in Newcastle for the safety of your much-loved belongings. Instead of choosing a dodgy removal company, do your part of a research and look for these signs before making the final decision.