8 Expert-Approved Tips To Make Moving Stress-Free

8 Expert-Approved Tips To Make Moving Stress-Free

Oct 28, 2022 A house move is among the most stressful events in your life, as it can overwhelm you mentally, physically and emotionally. Stress is an expected reaction as it is the body’s natural response to challenges and new situations. It becomes an issue when you experience stress for a prolonged period, and you are unable to cope. Therefore, aim to reduce your moving stress in addition to completing moving tasks. You can hire professional removalists in Newcastle to handle your relocation entirely. It will significantly lessen your anxiety and provide more time to spend with family or unwind alone. How else can you make moving stress-free? Follow these 6 expert-approved tips.

1. Eat & Sleep Well

Skipping meals is common during a house move, but it can aggravate stress because your body needs nutrition to function optimally. You cannot get energy by consuming coffee or tea the entire day. Therefore, stick to your eating routine even when you manage many moving tasks. Additionally, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep to avoid sleep deprivation. If you don’t snooze well, it increases the risk of high blood pressure, fatigue, mood swings, weakened immune system and various other issues.

2. Lighten the Moving Load

Packing everything in your home before moving is impractical and unnecessary. Packing too many boxes is not fun for you, nor is it fun moving them for your hired removalists in Newcastle. A house move is the best time to toss, donate or resell unwanted items. You can pare down your belongings and have a fresh start with your new home. Declutter room by room or by category as per convenience.

3. Choose the Best Moving Option for Your Situation

While availing a complete moving service is a good solution, it is not the only moving option. Every person’s house move is unique, which is why you must look for a moving option that is suitable for your situation. Contact your local removalists in Newcastle to learn about their services and get personalised solutions. Here is a list of common moving options offered by removal companies in Newcastle that you must explore.
  • Partial moving assistance. You can pack yourself and hire removalists to move your things.
  • Renting a moving truck
  • Backloading service
  • Storage container service
  • Interstate removals
  • Furniture removals
  • Special items removals

4. Inventory All Belongings

Make a detailed list by reducing the risk of misplacing household and personal belongings. Create an inventory of all items you must pack and mention their type, location, measurement (if necessary) and other important information. If you hire professional removalists, they will also create an inventory, and you can ask for a copy to avoid confusion and hassle on the moving day.

5. Book Removalists Early

Start looking for affordable removalists in Newcastle near you immediately after the moving date is set. Aim to book them at least 4 weeks before moving to reduce your stress and prepare for the process. Booking removalists early is beneficial for reducing moving costs because most removal companies offer early-bird discounts. Additionally, it is a practical step when you are moving during peak seasons and don’t want to face the unavailability of good removalists.

6. Get Booking Conformation from Removalists

You must have written proof of booking confirmation from the removalists to guarantee they will arrive on the decided day. It helps prevent confusion regarding the moving date and ensures the professionals are at your doorsteps at the right time to avoid delays. Also, it is a good idea to reconfirm your booking 2 weeks before moving.

7. Label Important Boxes ‘Open First’

Packing strategically can help prevent a lot of mental stress upon arriving at the new home. Therefore, pack important things from the most-used rooms like the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom last. This way, their moving boxes are loaded on the moving truck last and unloaded first. In addition, label these boxes as ‘open first’ to unpack them before other boxes and make settling in easier and quicker.

8. Be Ready to Move Immediately after the Removalists Arrive

Usually, people experience the most stress on the day of moving, but it is avoidable if you are ready to go upon the arrival of your cheap removalists Newcastle. Thus, ensure everything is packed, everyone has an essentials bag, and you have refreshments for travel. Additionally, keep cash on hand and ensure your vehicle has a full tank of fuel.


Moving to a new home is always challenging, and feeling stressed during the process is natural. However, if your stress is a problem if it stops you from planning and managing the relocation. Thus, don’t hesitate to take the assistance of professional removalists in Newcastle to lighten your burden. Also, use expert-approved tips to make moving stress-free.