7 Ways To Ensure Moving Day Is Seamless

7 Ways To Ensure Moving Day Is Seamless

May 06, 2024

It is likely that moving day is approaching soon, and you still feel as though you are not completely ready. You might have mixed feelings, including feeling nervous and excited. After all, you will need to tackle many challenges on a moving day. It is true that until the move is completed, you will feel overwhelmed simply due to the number of things you need to take care of.

Often, the moving day does not go well for many homeowners particularly if they fail to plan properly. But if you can manage to create a proper plan, you can ensure a successful moving day and a successful house move.

The plan will include things like packing delicate items in a certain way and hiring the best removalists Newcastle. Here are the 7 ways to ensure the moving day is seamless. Utilise these tips to ensure a stress-free moving day.

1. Create a Moving Day to-do list

Moving day can often turn into a scramble. Even though loading boxes is a major part of your job for the day, there are a lot more things that you need to get done. If you do not want to forget about every other task, it might be better to prepare and keep a moving day to-do list with you.

It might include things like a final clean-up, handing over the keys to the landlord, etc. Preparing this list way before the moving day is ideal to ensure you do not forget to write out any important task.

2. Start Your Day Early

It is important to stay well-rested so that you are ready for the moving day. Rest is also important for your well-being. However, it is better not to wake up late. By waking up early, you give yourself sufficient time to handle each of the tasks on the to-do list.

In case, you still have some packing to do, it is better to sleep early and wake up early to complete the work rather than do it at night time and wake up feeling exhausted. This way, you can still get the packing done and move the items with the help of cheap removalists Newcastle.

3. Ensure You are Ready Before the Removalists Arrive

young mover with a cardboard box during a move

It is not ideal to let your preferred movers or your friends wait till the time you finish packing. You would not want to completely derail the timing of your day either. This is why you should consider the time that the moving vehicle will arrive as your deadline for completing all the packing work. Use the best packing practices to efficiently pack the items.

4. Find Someone to Keep an Eye on the Kids and Pets

It is true that kids and pets bring a lot of joy into people’s lives and help improve their mental health. However, if it is the moving day, it will be better to ensure that they are not on site. So, to ensure the safety of everyone, it is advisable that you contact a trusted friend or neighbour and let them watch the kids and pets. Let them take over the little ones for the time you are loading the moving vehicle and taking care of other moving tasks.

5. Pack an Essentials Bag

Put simply, an essentials bag is a bag that you take with you rather than letting your preferred professional removalists Newcastle move it. This is because it contains all the important stuff you will need immediately after arriving at the new home.

You will need such stuff to survive the moving day. It might include things like chargers, vital documents, toiletries, medications, a few clothes, and other essentials. If you think you will need a particular item right away after arriving at the new place, put it in the essentials bag.

6. Properly Lift the Boxes

One way to ruin your moving day is to get injured when lifting the moving boxes. It is one of the serious mistakes people make, especially when they go the DIY move route. So, be sure to use proper lifting techniques when lifting the boxes to avoid unwanted injuries. In case a box feels too heavy to lift or you are anxious about going up and down the stairs with it, let someone help you. It is always better to stay safe rather than find yourself in an unwanted situation.

7. Do a Final Walkthrough

It is advisable to do a final walkthrough before leaving the property. Once you have loaded all the items on the vehicle of your preferred expert removalists Newcastle, go through each room and ensure you have not left anything. This is because in case you leave anything, you will have a difficult time acquiring it later on particularly if you are moving a long distance.

Go through all the cabinets, take a look inside the closets, and check the outdoor spaces. As a general rule, if you brought an item when you moved in, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is on the moving vehicle when it is time to move out. Doing a final walkthrough is important to ensure a successful moving day.

Tips and Tricks for Moving Day Success:

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Wrapping Up

Moving day can certainly be stressful and overwhelming. But, if you can properly plan, you can easily go through the day. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to ensure a successful moving day.