7 Useful Tips To Plan A Successful Move

7 Useful Tips To Plan A Successful Move

Jul 14, 2021 Moving to a new home is among the most stressful events of anyone’s life. You have to manage various tasks simultaneously that can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. Therefore, you need to plan your move meticulously to complete everything in time and avoid any hassle. Hire professional removalists in Newcastle to partially or entirely manage your relocation. Since the removal experts have training, expertise and the right equipment, they can expedite the moving process and elevate your stress. Additionally, follow this guide outlining seven useful tips to plan a successful move.

1. Declutter Before Packing

You can have several broken or unwanted things in your home, especially if you have lived in it for over a year. Thus, sort through your belongings to get rid of useless items, as it is neither wise nor practical to pack everything. To declutter effectively: • Create piles of things to discard, pack, resell and donate. • Only keep things needed at the new residence. • Remove things you haven’t used for over six months or don’t use at least once a year. • Get rid of paper clutter, broken items, torn clothes and other types of trash.

2. Estimate Expenditures

Moving is expensive, and you can quickly deplete your saving without proper planning of costs. Therefore, create a budget before starting the packing and moving process to avoid unnecessary expenditures. Take the assistance of a certified accountant or use a budget planner to make a reliable budget with expected expenses such as packing supplies, hiring removalists in Newcastle, travelling and other moving-related things. Tip: To save money for an upcoming move, follow the 50-20-30 rule with a twist. Spend 50% of your household income on necessary things, 20% on indulgences and save at least 30%.

3. Create A Moving Checklist

Streamline your work by creating a master checklist that outlines different tasks you need to complete. Ensure the tasks are listed according to importance and urgency. Also, assign ownership and a deadline to each task to share responsibilities and get everything done in time. You can use an application or download an online to-do list to make a customised sheet of chores to complete before and after moving. When you use an application, it is easier to delegate tasks, get updates and communicate with household members to avoid confusion.

4. Make An Inventory & Get The Right Packing Supplies

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 5.9 million tonnes of paper and cardboard waste plus 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste was generated from 2018-19. Although such waste is recovered & recycled, a lot still ends in landfills. Therefore, be considerate about the environment and limit trash during your move. Make an inventory of every item you want to take to your new home and get packing supplies accordingly. Refer to the inventory to get the correct number of boxes and accordingly buy wraps, tape, labels, stickers etc. Also, try to source used or reusable boxes, Greenwraps and other eco-friendly packing materials to move sustainably.

5. Book Removalists Early

Whether you plan to take the assistance of professional removalists in Newcastle to partially manage your move or completely, book them as soon as possible. Start looking for good removal companies at least a month before the moving day because it will take you time to get free quotes and weigh the pros & cons of each organisation. By booking removalists in time, you can: • Reduce stress and anxiety. • Focus better on other moving-related tasks. • Get the services at discounted prices. • Have ample time to declutter and pack your property contents. • Avoid the struggle of finding good removalists in Newcastle, especially during peak moving seasons.

6. Box And Load Important Things Last

Pack the bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen contents in the end, as these rooms are for sleeping, cooking, bathing, and doing other important activities. You remain comfortable during the move by packing essential things last. Also, following this technique is the best because when necessary items are packed and loaded on the truck last, they are unloaded and unpacked first, helping you settle in your new residence quickly.

7. Get The Property Cleaned

You need to ensure your house or unit is sanitary and sparkling to vacate it successfully. Whether you are a tenant or the owner, hire professional cleaners in Newcastle to deep clean your property and make it ready for the new owner or lessee. Getting your property cleaned is also instrumental in increasing its curb appeal and get a good price while selling. For tenants, it is vital to get their bond back in full and manage their move without hassle.

The Bottom Line

When you plan for a move and do it thoroughly, the process becomes less challenging and stressful. Thus, follow the helpful tips mentioned above to manage your relocation successfully and smoothly. Also, don’t hesitate to hire professional removalists in Newcastle, as they can help you move quickly by completing various packing, handling and transportation-related tasks.