7 Tips For Relocating Your Wine Collection

7 Tips For Relocating Your Wine Collection

Oct 07, 2020 Whether you are a connoisseur of wine or just a casual collector, you have probably put a lot of efforts and spend money to build your collection. Thus, when you are moving, you need to be very careful with your wine assortment. Relocating your wine bottles is a lot more than just packing them into a cardboard box. Moving such delicate bottles require special handling and appropriate storage during the transport. The fragile nature of the bottles is not the only concern; its flavour can also get affected by the temperature, movement as well as the exposure to sun rays. That is why people hire experienced removalists in Newcastle to move such valuable items. They take extra precaution and make the entire moving procedure a lot easier. If you want to accomplish the task in a safe and hassle-free manner, you need some quality guidance. Read on to find out the most useful tips for relocating your array of wines.

1. Evaluate Your Wine Collection

When you are relocating your assortment, the first thing you need to do is to evaluate your assortment. For that, you need to find a liquor appraiser. You can contact the nearby local liquor merchants, and request them to recommend an expert. An experienced appraiser will give the idea about the actual value of your collection. Evaluating the bottles before you move is essential because it will help you to plan your entire move and choose the best approach. Knowing the value of your belonging will help you to decide whether you need to hire professionals or not.

2. Check out the State Laws

If you are relocating to Newcastle or any other parts of New South Wales, you should always check whether there are any restrictions on the alcohol or not. It is important because different states and cities have a set of import laws regarding the maximum amount of alcohol that you can import. All you need to do is to contact the concerned officials and ask them what you need to do to relocate your wine assortment. It is a precautionary step that can help you to stay away from any unpleasant surprises at the border. That is why you should start your preparation at least eight weeks before the moving day.

3. Take Photos before Relocating Your Collection

Whether you are packing the wine bottle on your own or hired removals company in Newcastle, make sure you take photographs before the bottles get packed. Take pictures of each bottle that you have. Making an inventory list is always recommended, but it is even more important to take photographs. It is essential because in case you lose or damage any bottles, you will exactly know how much you have lost. The photos can be excellent evidence if you have insured your belongings and want a claim. If you don’t have pictures, questions can arise like whether the bottles were already damaged or not. Make sure that you have photographed your wine collection properly and maintain an accurate document.

4. Temperature Should Be Balanced

There is a unique problem with relocating your wine collection. Even if the bottles do not get damaged, the outside temperature can still change the flavour. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will change the taste and therefore ruin the entire assortment that you have collected for so many years. Thus, if the array of wines is your priority, choose the moving season accordingly. Experts believe that the ideal temperature to move wine bottles should around 14 degree Celsius. During summer, the average temperature in Australia is 18.6 to 25.8°C while in winter the temperature drops to 8.8 to 17°C. So, both the seasons are not appropriate. Choose the spring season because this time, the temperatures range from 11 to 23°C.

5. Pack the Bottles Perfectly

If you have hired experts and opt for professional packaging service in Newcastle, you don’t need to worry about anything. They will accomplish the task in the best possible manner. However, if you are doing on your own, you will have to pack each bottle with utmost care. The best way to get the appropriate moving boxes for your array of wines is by visiting the nearest liquor store. They use sturdy boxes with Styrofoam cell dividers, which protect the bottle during the transit. If a section of the bottles has a cork, make sure it remains wet all the time, and you place it upside down.

6. Do Not Forget To Label the Boxes

Once you are done with the packing of the wine bottles, put labels on the boxes. It will help the removalists in Newcastle to easily identify the boxes that have the bottles. Thus, they will handle it with extra care and load them appropriately. You should clearly mention on the box that it has fragile items, which side is up and which side is down. People usually don’t find it very useful, but it can protect your bottles to a great extent.

7. Hire Professional Removalists

If your wine appraiser has told you that your array is costly, you should hire reputed professionals. They will get the job done perfectly and without causing any damage to your bottles. Experts get the proper training to execute the relocation of such delicate and valuable belongings with perfection. They use modern tools and follow the correct procedure that helps you relocate the entire collection in a stress-free manner.

The Bottom Line

Relocating your array of wines does not have to be a stressful and challenging task. You can make it a lot easier by following the useful tips that are mentioned above. The chance of a successful relocation largely depends on how well you are prepared. So, start your preparations early and focus on every important factor.