7 Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Floors during a Move
Moving Furniture Without Scratching the Floors

7 Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Floors during a Move

May 01, 2020 When people move their belongings from one place to another, they usually focus on protecting their belongings only. This approach often ends up damaging the hardwood floors. Whether it is your old house or a new house, damaging the floor is always an issue. If you severely damage the floor while moving out of the rental property, then the landlord will deduct a hefty amount from your bond money. And if it is your new house, then you will have to spend money to repair it. Otherwise, it will diminish the classy look of your interior. This is why people prefer to hire removalists in Newcastle. But what if you are moving on your own? Here are some useful tips to protect your hardwood floors during a move. Let’s have a look.

1. Carry as many things as possible

If you want to protect your hardwood floors during a move, then you must not drag any heavy furniture across the floor. It can lead to scratches on the hardwood floors that will be beyond repair. Thus, you should carry as many things as possible. If there is any furniture or appliance that is too heavy for you, ask friends, family members or neighbours to help you. If you don’t want to take any chances, hire removalists in Newcastle. They have modern tools and use the latest methods to carry heavy items effortlessly. Professionals make sure the job gets done without causing any damage to the hardwood floors.

2. Pack your heavy belongings properly

One of the most challenging and time-taking tasks of the moving process is packing. However, you should never overlook this task because proper packing not only keeps your belongings safe, but it also protects the hardwood floors. Use high-quality cardboard boxes and other packing materials. If you are packing your furniture, you should wrap all the edges and feet of the chairs and table with furniture blankets. It will protect the floors in case a furniture piece is dropped. To pack the boxes more strongly, double tape the bottoms all moving boxes. You should also consider the total weight you are inserting in one box.

3. Take an accurate measure of your furniture

Another excellent way to protect the hardwood floors during a move is to measure the large and heavy furniture before moving them from one house to another house. It is always good to know whether the furniture will fit where you want to keep them. Instead of measuring the furniture, if you choose to force them through a narrow doorway, you may end up dropping the desk, table, couch or whatever you are trying to squeeze in. It can cause considerable damage to the hardwood floor. If you want to avoid it, take the measurement as accurately as possible and plan everything properly while moving.

4. Use a furniture slider

Perhaps the best way to protect your hardwood floors during a move is to purchase and use furniture sliders. It is beneficial when you are moving furniture, appliances, or any other heavy household item on your own. Many experienced removalists in Newcastle also use these things to ensure the safety of the belongings and the floor of the property. These sturdy plastic materials that are fitted with hard rubbers can significantly reduce or even prevent the friction between the hardwood floor and the heavy object. These things are not that expensive and readily available in any nearby store in Newcastle.

5. Use old blankets and rugs

If you don’t have any furniture slider, opt for effective alternatives. Old blankets and rugs can be handy in such a situation. For excellent floor protection, position your blankets and rugs along the walkways before moving anything heavy. These things will minimise the friction and protect both the belongings and hardwood floors. If there is any possibility, use suitable fixators to ensure the temporary floor protection provided by blankets and rugs won’t slide around, so there will be no chances of the slip-and-fall type of accidents. Professional removalists also use such thing to accomplish moving in a stress-free and affordable manner.

6. Use cardboard to protect Your Hardwood Floors

Arguably, the most affordable, safest and easiest way to protect hardwood floors during a move is to use the unmatched flexibility of cardboard. But you may wonder how it is possible. All you need to do is to place large sheets of thick cardboard along the pathway from where you will move out and move in heavy furniture and appliance. Cardboard not only boasts exception protective qualities, but it is also easily available and quite cheap. During the moving process, people usually have more cardboard boxes than they actually require. You can use all those extra boxes to shield your hardwood floors.

7. Hire professionals

Whether you are moving a long distance of across the road, professional removalists in Newcastle is always beneficial. If you don’t want to take any chance with your Hardwood Floors, hiring experienced and reputed professionals is by far the best option. This is because they have all the essential moving equipment like forearm forklift, ratchet straps, elastic straps, furniture dolly, utility dolly, furniture sliders, shoulder dolly, moving pads, twine and rope. All these things make the moving a lot easier and protect your hardwood floor perfectly. They use their in-depth knowledge, skills and experience to make sure that you accomplish your move in a hassle-free manner.


Whether you are moving out of a house or moving in, always be careful with your belongings as well as the floor, particularly, if it is hardwood. This is because scratches are clearly visible on such a surface, and that can be a matter of concern. So the next time to decide to move, consider the tips mentioned here to protect your floor and accomplish a hassle-free relocation.