5 Myths and Truths about Moving Over the Holiday
A couple is moving their house during Christmas holidays

5 Myths and Truths about Moving Over the Holiday

Dec 03, 2019 The holiday season means a beautiful, decorated home, packed with your family members, close friends, delicious food and presents. However, many people have to deal with the challenge of moving during this time. You always don’t have the control of the circumstances and the time of the relocation. All you can do is go with the flow. You might think that hiring removalists in Newcastle is enough to execute the task, but you should also have proper knowledge about moving. There are various myths about moving over the holiday, and you should know the truth behind them. The right information will help you to deal with the challeng6es in the best possible way. Here are some myths you should know about:

1. You Won’t Be Able To Enjoy the Events

People usually believe that if you are moving during the holidays, you won’t be able to enjoy the Christmas and New Year. You will be too much busy in packing and loading your things and there will no time to make arrangements for house party and decoration. However, you can enjoy the holidays with your family even if you are moving to a new place. For that, you need to do your planning at the earliest. Things can get confusing at the last moment. Consider all the important factors and make your plans accordingly. Pack all your decorative items in a separate box so that you don’t have to look for them. You can easily order food from any nearby restaurants in Newcastle and enjoy with your family. You even call some close friends and visit there place.

2. Moving Companies Will Be Easily Available

Families who are moving in holidays also believe that not many people moves during this time, so the removals company will be easily available. As a result, they do not give importance to the early booking and wait for the last minute. This is a huge mistake because all reputed removals company in Newcastle, New South Wales, get booked before the holidays. If you think you are the only one moving during this time, then you are wrong. Hundreds of people move during this time, and they all need professional removalists in Newcastle. A new, inexperienced moving company might be available, but the last thing you want is to take a chance with your expensive belongings.

3. You Will Get Heavy Discount from Moving Companies

If you are getting a heavy discount from your removals company during the holidays, you might like to cross-check the reputation of the company. This is because no reputed company gives massive discount throughout the years. They have experienced professionals, advanced tools to load your belongings, moving truck and other essential things. And it takes a lot of money to keep and maintain these things. Companies that are new in the market and looking for customers often use the tag of “discount” to attract people. Do not get trapped because such companies usually have many hidden costs that can be quite expensive. So, always look for genuine removalists in Newcastle, New South Wales, and stay away from companies offering lucrative offers.

4. Travel Will Be Easy

If you are moving during the holidays, travelling can be difficult. People believe that because it is holidays, travelling will be way easier as people stay at their home during this time. But this is not entire true! During this time some of the streets can be closed because of special events and also for parades. This will make your travel a lot difficult, and you will require much more time to reach your new place than you have expected. Also, you can witness traffic jams as many families go on vacation during the holidays.

5. Friends and Family Will Be Too Busy to Help

There is another myth that your friends and family will be too busy to help during this time. They will be involved in gatherings, decorating the house and other activities of the festival. So, they won’t get enough time to help you. But in reality, your loved ones are always there to help you out, particularly during the holidays. All you need to do is to inform them at the right time. If you tell them in advance, they can make their plans accordingly. And when the time comes, they can help you by proving meals, taking care of your kids and packing or unpacking the boxes.

6. Other Facts about Moving Over the Holiday

There are certain facts or truths about moving over the holidays, which you should always keep in your mind. These truths will help you to accomplish your move in a hassle-free manner. Let’s have a look: Moving can be stressful Despite having a helping hand Even if you have family and friends to help you during the moving process, you can face difficulty. Without technical knowledge and the right equipment, it can be a massive challenge to pack and load heavy appliance and furniture into the truck. So, you should hire professional removalists in Newcastle. They know how to tackle these challenging tasks. Book a reputed moving company at the earliest If you have decided that you will hire Newcastle removalists, contact them at the earliest and book a specific date. Do not delay this essential task; otherwise, you will have to face difficulty later. All reputed companies usually get booked during this time, so if you keep the task for last minute, you might face the problem of their unavailability. Easy to declutter your house It is not very difficult to declutter your house before moving. But this task becomes way easier during this time of the year. A lot of NGOs look for gift and donations from people during the holidays. So, you can donate things that you don’t require any more like kid’s toys, old clothes, shoes, book, etc. This will reduce your packing time and lower the overall coast of your transport. You can end up paying more than your Expectations During holidays, you are most likely to pay more than what you have planned. The removals companies, as well as the reliable end of lease cleaning company in New Castle, keep their price on the higher side. You might also need to pay more for rental trucks. Moreover, as it is holiday time, so you should have money for unexpected gifts and food at the last moment. Get Familiar with the Route If you are planning to drive your moving truck, you must get familiar with the route. Otherwise, you can get confused on your moving day. So, read the map properly and if possible, take your car and drive to your new home at least a week before you move. This will help you understand the route.


Moving during the holidays is not as difficult as you think it is. All you need is enough time and proper knowledge so that you can appropriately plan everything. The myths and the truth mentioned here will help you to deal with the challenges of relocation. Do not believe the myths and enjoy your moving during the ‘most beautiful time of the year’.