12 Moving Hacks That Will Save You Money

12 Moving Hacks That Will Save You Money

Aug 30, 2022 Everyone has to move house at least once in their life and for people renting a property, moving to a new home happens frequently. 46% of households moved three or more times in the previous five years per the Australian Bureau of Statics‘ housing mobility & conditions report for the financial year 2019-20. Moving house is financially taxing, and when you need to do it multiple times, it takes a toll on your savings. It can cost anywhere from $300 to $8000 depending on factors such as distance, property content weight, ongoing rate of removalists in Newcastle etc. Thus, you must reduce moving costs to avoid undergoing monetary distress every time you relocate. Here are 12 moving hacks that will save you money. Have a look.

1. Don’t Buy Furniture or Electronics before Moving

Packing and moving large and bulky items increases the entire budget of your house move. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of buying furniture or electronics that need extra effort and attention. Besides reducing moving costs, you also eliminate the risk of toppling furniture and electronics by purchasing them upon arrival at the new house.

2. Get New Utility Plans

Take advantage of competition among utility service providers and get more affordable plans. Prepare to discontinue your current utilities and compare service plans by different utility providers to choose the most affordable ones. Many companies offer discounts & special plans for new users, and you must take advantage of them.

3. Toss, Donate & Resell

Sort all your belongings and after keeping things you need at the new home aside, divide the remaining things into three categories – toss, donate and resell.
  • Toss whatever is broken, obsolete or in unusable condition.
  • Donate things appropriate for all ages and in good condition to ACNC- registered charities.
  • Lastly, sell things via an online or offline garage sale to increase your moving budget.

4. Hire Removalists at Competitive Rates

Many local removalists in Newcastle offer their services at competitive rates, and you must grab this opportunity to reduce moving costs. Ask for free and non-binding quotes from multiple removal companies, compare them and hire removalists in Newcastle offering services at rates affordable for you.

5. Consider Backloading for Moving

Instead of only exploring traditional moving options, you must also learn about backloading service to move your things. Backloading means your things are loaded on a moving truck coming back from another job. You only pay for the space your belongings take on the vehicle, which is why you save a ton.

6. Rent a Storage Container

Many reputed removalists in Newcastle offer storage containers you can load at your own pace and get delivered to your new home. These containers are excellent for transporting your belongings and keeping them safe until you settle in your new abode. You can unload them at your convenience, helping save money and cope with the moving stress.

7. Don’t Move on Weekends

Moving on weekends is common, as offices and schools are closed. Hence, the availability of good removalists in Newcastle reduces, and removal service charges are higher on weekends. Upon moving on weekdays, you can get quality removalists at lower rates and manage your relocation economically. You also avoid delays due to low traffic during non-peak hours from Monday to Friday.

8. Move during Non-Peak Seasons

December to February is when most annual and six-month lease agreements end. What’s more, most properties are sold and bought during these months, making summer the peak moving season. Thus, removal companies increase their service charges due to the high demand for furniture removalists Newcastle. If you want to avoid costly relocation, consider moving during non-peak seasons when the availability of good removalists is good, and their prices are low.

9. Pack with Things at Home

Get creative while packing by using blankets, bed sheets, pillow covers, socks and other household items to secure your belongings. Additionally, use newspapers, Ziploc bags and paper sheets to protect household items from damage during boxing and transportation. Explore your home first to see what things you can use for packing before buying bubble or foam wraps.

10. Get Free Boxes

Reusing packing supplies is one of the best ways to save money while moving. You can get free corrugated cardboard boxes from Gumtree, wine stores, bookshops, and many other places. However, if you choose to get used & recyclable boxes, make sure they are 3-5 ply for strength and durability.

11. Let Professionals Handle Your Entire Move

Contrary to popular belief, hiring professional removalists in Newcastle is not always the costlier option. You can avoid stress by booking removalists for packing and complete removals of your belongings. It is also economical because you don’t need to buy packing supplies or rent a moving truck and only pay for the services you avail.

12. Ask For Relocation Assistance

Ask your company for relocation assistance when moving for a job. Most reputed companies offer to cover moving costs or provide reimbursement of expenses you endured while relocating. To ensure you get relocation aid, ask for it before accepting the company’s offer.


Moving is always stressful and takes a toll on you financially. Get the assistance of professional removalists in Newcastle to manage it economically. Additionally, follow the other money-saving hacks shared above to relocate without depleting your savings.