10 Tips For Moving House Over Christmas

10 Tips For Moving House Over Christmas

Oct 19, 2022 Did you know that Australians love Christmas to the extent that they are willing to spend over $23.9 billion on festivities? The top three essential things for Aussies during this Christmas season are delicious food, family time and Christmas cheer. It is indeed the most beautiful time of the year in Australia. But imagine you are asked to vacate homes or move house over the holidays. This could mean a lot of planning and hard work to ensure you can still enjoy this festive season in the best possible way. To help you out, professional removalists in Newcastle have given ten tips to help you move over Christmas so that your holiday is stress-free and enjoyable:

1. Plan Everything In Advance

Planning everything is the best way to make sure your move is free of any anxiety and stress. Firstly, you should decide when you want to move, how you want to move and how much time you will give yourself daily to pack. Next, you should also deconstruct your tasks into smaller tasks and make lists of everything you have to do. This will help you stay on track with everything and thus feel more in control.

2. Book Your Removalists In Advance

If you are hiring professional Newcastle removalists to help you move, you must book them in advance. The holiday season is the busiest time of the year, and your removalists might not have enough staff if you book them too late. You should also call them and discuss your dates in advance so that you are not stuck moving on Christmas. You should also discuss their hours of operation and try to pick an earlier hour so that you are not moving in the dark. Once you have a date set with your removalists, it will motivate you to start packing.

3. Declutter And Pack

Once you set your date and time of moving homes, you should start decluttering and packing all your items. Start with the non-essential things and create an inventory first. You should sort your things and only take the things you need to your new home. The remaining items can be donated to your local charities as small gifts for the Christmas season. You can even host a Christmas garage sale, sell your extra items, and spread some Christmas cheer in your neighbourhood. You can also make your Christmas more eco-friendly by recycling your waste items so that it does not end up in landfills.

4. Pack Your Christmas Essentials

While packing your items, you must also pack a separate box of essentials that you will use during your Christmas festivities. You do not want to spend hours during the festival season unpacking each box to find things. Instead, pack a separate box or two of items like medications, documents, utensils, tea pot or kettle, chargers, keys, change of clothes and toiletries. You should also pack your Christmas lights, wreaths, decorations and Santa Caps so you can easily set these up as you enter your new home.

5. Do Your Shopping In Advance

According to a survey, 23rd December is the biggest shopping day across the globe. Therefore when you are moving house during the holidays, you must make sure you finish all your shopping in advance to have all your Christmas essentials. You should also check the local shop timings in your new neighbourhood to plan your food and drink shopping for the Christmas festivities.

6. Change Or Transfer Your Utilities

You must also change or transfer your utilities while your professional removalists in Newcastle start loading your boxes onto the truck. Talk to your utility company and let them know your new home address, and ask them about any discounts during the holiday season. You can also look at new utility services that might have better offers. But make sure you do that before moving, so you are not stuck without water and electricity on Christmas Day.

7. Update Your Mailing Address

Another essential thing you must do when moving house over Christmas is to change your address. Inform your family and friends of your new address so that you do not miss out on any fun Christmas cards and gifts. You should also inform your workplace through mail about your new updated address.

8. Get Your Kids And Pets Ready

In Australia, the Christmas season is also the start of your kid’s summer holidays. This means they will be in no mood to work and want to enjoy and have fun. You can let them stay with your family or friends until you move so they can still enjoy their holidays. Or you can keep aside their favourite toys and treats so they are distracted during the move. Play their favourite Christmas songs and feed them Christmas goodies, so they are less anxious about the move.

9. Protect All Your Valuables

The last thing you want on Christmas Day is to find that all your gifts are broken or damaged. Thus, you must carefully pack your valuable Christmas gifts and fragile items with packing paper or bubble wrap. You can even layer them with blankets and linen to keep them well-protected. Keep these items in a separate box with you so that you can keep an eye on them at all times.

10. Decorate Your New Home

Lastly, take all your Christmas decorations from your essentials box, put on some music and start your festivities. You can even spread Christmas joy by sending your neighbours Christmas cards and gifts. This will help you adjust to your new neighbourhood more easily and enjoy your new home.


Moving during the holiday season can be stressful, but with some planning and sorting, you can easily make this move more enjoyable and quick. The best way to do it is by celebrating each part of the move with fun Christmas carols, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake and lots of merry cheers!