10 Serious DIY Mistakes When Moving By Yourself

10 Serious DIY Mistakes When Moving By Yourself

Nov 30, 2022 House moving is a complex and time-consuming task; a lot can go wrong without proper planning and preparation. Relocation is a major life event, and you can lose hundreds of dollars even for making a small mistake. Therefore, it is common for renters/homeowners to hire professional removalists Newcastle to pack and move their belongings. It is one way to reduce moving stress and anxiety because you can relax while the professionals work. However, you can face multiple challenges when planning to move without professional help. Additionally, you can make the below 10 DIY mistakes when moving by yourself. Read on to avoid them and have a smooth moving experience.

1. Underestimating the cost of DIY moving

Hiring professional removalists in Newcastle is costlier than moving yourself is a myth many people believe. You have to understand moving to a new home is expensive whether you take professional assistance or not. When you book a moving company, they charge you for their services, call-out and additional assistance. Moving yourself can cost equally because then you have to pay for packing supplies, moving vehicle, equipment, insurance, road tolls, fuel and surcharges. Therefore, estimating the cost of hiring professionals and moving yourself is prudent to make an informed decision.

2. Failing to make a solid moving budget

A house move is financially taxing, and you can spend more than necessary without a tight budget. Thus, using a journal, mobile application, an online budget planner or software, outline your fixed expenses and one-off moving expenses. Create your budget at least two months prior to moving to save as much money as possible. Follow the 50-30-20 rule with a twist: spend 50% of your income on necessities, 20% on luxuries, and save the remaining 30%.

3. Thinking you have time

When the moving date is finalised, time should become your greatest worry. If you keep thinking you have time and procrastinate completing moving tasks, you will run out of time at the last moment. Therefore, it is best to start preparing for a house move at least 8-6 weeks prior. For example, give yourself,
  • Two weeks for decluttering, packing, changing address and setting up utilities
  • Four weeks for searching and booking removalists in Newcastle
  • One week for cleaning
Outline tasks according to urgency and importance to ensure everything finishes on time.

4. Forgetting to declutter & make an inventory

You can accumulate hoards of unwanted and unused items, which you must toss, donate or resell before moving. Decluttering is essential to reduce your packing and moving load because it lowers the moving cost. Aim to keep things you really need at the new house. In addition to decluttering, make an inventory to keep track of belongings and avoid misplacement. Mention category, location and other important details to organise packing and moving.

5. Being Stingy When Purchasing Packing Supplies

Packing is one of the most important moving tasks, as it is crucial for safeguarding your things during handling and transport. If you buy poor-quality packing supplies, your things will get damaged beyond repair. Therefore, while buying packing supplies, avoid being stingy because you will end up shelling money for repairs or replacement of property contents.

6. Not Caring About Moving Injuries

Moving injuries happen due to poor lifting techniques, improper handling, and no planning. You can easily fall or sustain injuries due to contact with objects. Therefore, ensure you have the right moving equipment and can keep pathways clear while shifting things. If you suffer from back problems, allergies, or a chronic disease like asthma, hire professional removalists in Newcastle instead of planning to move yourself.

7. Renting the wrong moving vehicle

Moving vehicles come in different models and sizes. Therefore, do away with the common misconception that you need a large moving truck to transport your things. The best way to choose the right vehicle is by looking at your inventory and discussing it with the rental vehicle provider. They can assist you in moving things in any of the following vehicles.
  • Cargo vans
  • Pick-up trucks
  • 10-12 feet truck for small apartments or studios
  • 14-17 feet truck for a 1-2-bedroom apartment, office or small house
  • 20-26 feet truck for 3-4 bedroom houses and larger residences.

8. Relying On Friends Or Family To Help With Moving

Moving is stressful, back-breaking and tiring and requires expertise, patience and time to manage. Therefore, don’t be surprised if family or friends cannot help with the process. Not everyone can take time off work or have the strength to help with a house move. Therefore, if you plan to move yourself, don’t rely on a loved one too much to help and consider hiring removalists in Newcastle for support.

9. Not buying Moving Insurance

Most removalists in Newcastle offer basic liability coverage in case your things get damaged during a move. However, you don’t have any protection during a DIY move. Therefore, if you don’t have moving insurance and something gets damaged or lost, you will pay for it. Therefore, explore moving or transit insurance policies before you move to a new home.

10. Not Exploring All Moving Options

Assuming you can only move yourself or via a full-moving service is a mistake. With increased housing mobility, moving companies offer multiple economical and customisable moving options. You can rent a moving truck, hire a storage container, book a backloading service or avail an individual service. Therefore, before you move yourself, exhaust all your options to make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line

Managing a DIY move is more challenging than letting professional removalists in Newcastle handle your relocation. You must know the common DIY moving mistakes that can happen when you don’t plan well. Thus, use this guide to ensure you can move and have a stress-free moving experience.