10 Must-Try Tips For Moving House With A Pet

10 Must-Try Tips For Moving House With A Pet

Dec 08, 2023

Pets are an integral part of many households. Their happiness, as well as safety, is strongly linked to their familiarity with the current residence. Moving to a new house is challenging, and it is even more difficult for pet owners. Relocating with a beloved pet requires additional care and consideration. Moving to a new environment can be challenging for your furry friends.

Learning about the nuances of relocating a house with a pet is important to ensure they feel comfortable and adjust smoothly to the new surroundings. Utilising practical strategies is crucial to ensure the move is completed safely.

For moving items, it is ideal to hire expert removalists in Newcastle. But there are other elements that you need to take care of to relocate with a pet. Here are the 10 must-try tips for moving house with a pet. Apply them to streamline the transition.

1. Avoid Modifying Your Routine

Pets such as dogs and cats are known to be creatures of habit. The more changes you make to your routine, the more anxiety your pets will feel. It is common for people to let go of their daily routines when preparing for the move and tackling the necessary tasks.

It is ideal to follow the same routine to ensure your pets are not stressed out in the days leading to the moving day. It includes feeding them at the same time every day, not skipping frequent walks, and offering them extra love.

2. Start Packing Early

It is normal for pets to play around with packing supplies. They enjoy the fun that comes with playing with an empty box. So, it is highly recommended to start packing early. This way, your pets will get used to having boxes around. If you have the space, start stocking up on moving boxes way before your move.

Position the less-used stuff in the boxes and leave them open. It will also help you complete the packing process on time and load the belongings on the moving day with the support of professional removalists in Newcastle.

3. Ensure the Pets Stay Entertained

You are going to stay busy during the moving process, and it may take your attention away from the pets. This is where it is vital to make some time for entertaining them. Even after trying, if you are unable to find adequate time for play, ask a friend to take your pet for an outdoor activity. There are also some dog-playing services that are ideal for this situation.

4. Keep a Clear and Comfortable Space for the Pet

It is a fact that moving tasks can easily mess up your organised home. There will be visible clutter, like plenty of boxes, piles of clothes, and disassembled furniture. It is tough to keep each area of your home clutter-free. However, ensuring at least one space is clear is ideal. This way, the pet can retreat when things get a little overwhelming for them, such as when the professional removalists Newcastle arrive.

5. Contact the Vet

Vets are aware of how to help pets manage stressful situations. They are the ideal resource for asking questions such as how to reduce pet anxiety levels. Book an appointment a few days before the move to ensure your pet is healthy. If needed, you will be able to stock up on prescriptions, reducing the chances of making an emergency visit.

6. Understand the Latest Pet Laws

If you are moving to a new city, then it is essential to learn about the new pet laws. Conduct thorough research beforehand through the use of online platforms. Also, learn about the pet requirements for your lease if you are relocating to a new rental property. If your pet is microchipped, remember to update the information online.

7. Book Pet-Friendly Accommodations

When exploring accommodation options, confirm that your pet will be welcomed to the place you are staying. It is perfect for families that are moving interstate with pets. Many famous booking websites allow you to narrow your search and only include pet-friendly places.

8. Keep the Pets Safe

Throughout the busy moving process, especially the moving day, the doors of your homes are likely to be left open. A lot of people, such as the experienced removalists in Newcastle, will be going in and out. The pets may want to run away due to confusion or fear. That is why keeping them safe and secure is crucial. Position your pet in a kennel at the silent part of the property to ensure their safety.

9. Keep an Emergency Bag for Your Pet

The easiest way to reduce the anxiety for you and your pet is by packing all the pet necessities in a separate emergency bag. It must include things like a blanket, water bowls, favourite toys, treats, etc. Remember to keep a roll of paper towels and plastic bags to deal with unanticipated clean-ups.

10. Ensure a Safe Move

When moving with your pets in your vehicle, it is recommended to secure them with a seatbelt in their crate. Confirm that the seat belts are safely fastened. It is crucial to understand that this should not be the first time your pet is in their crate. Familiarise them beforehand to ensure safe and comfortable travel.

Wrapping Up

Moving with a pet is a lot more stressful than a normal move. However, the situation is completely manageable if you make a few adjustments. Follow the tips from this article to ensure a successful move for you and your pet.