10 Mistakes To Avoid During Bathroom Renovation Of Your New Home

10 Mistakes To Avoid During Bathroom Renovation Of Your New Home

Jun 22, 2023 Are you excited about moving into your new home in Newcastle? Relocating to a new place always brings opportunities to explore different cultures, create new memories, discover new neighbourhoods and much more. However, the entire process can be overwhelming because some people often personalise their new abode by renovating a part of their kitchen or the entire bathroom. Some older homes in NSW have worn-out bathroom fixtures or outdated tiles; thus, homeowners update these features and improve the visual appearance and functionality of this particular space before the final move-in. In order to complete the project on time, most people end up making serious blunders that can lead to various problems when they live on the premises. You need to be extra careful and plan things ahead for better outcomes. Here are 10 potential mistakes that need to be avoided when renovating a bathroom of your new home:

1. Not Setting An Estimated Budget

This is one of the most common blunders that can take a toll on your pocket if planning for a bathroom renovation. Creating a rough budget becomes crucial, especially when you have to relocate belongings with the help of professional removalists Newcastle. Having a budget for a renovation project can help you make the right design decisions, and you can invest in fixtures and other accessories depending on the available funds. You can track your expenses and even cut costs to stay on track throughout the process.

2. Failing to Create  a Proper Plan

There is no denying that planning is one of the crucial aspects to prevent unnecessary disrupting problems. A bathroom is a key area of any house, and there is a lot of room for renovation or creativity. You can use decorative heating, plumbing and lighting materials to upgrade the design of your bathroom, but for that you need a proper plan. It is also because most renovation projects happen systematically, and not having a proper plan can ruin everything you dreamt of. You should also ask questions to yourself before moving and create a proper relocation plan for the safety of your possessions.

3. Overlooking the Theme

There are so many beautiful themes to choose from depending on your specific needs. But, most people don’t commit to any theme and mix too many styles – which can make the room look cluttered and visually unappealing. The worst thing is that it can disrupt the flow when you look the overall design and theme of your house. So, it is important to know your specific style and choose the right theme. Decide the right colour, texture, materials and other aspects that complement with your home décor, style and theme.

4. Not Considering Storage Space

Most people focus more on aesthetics and forget the functional storage space when upgrading a bathroom. This can be a serious problem because the room may look more cramped & cluttered. So, it is always good to choose mounted mirror cabinets to store your toothbrushes, shaver, and other important items in your bathroom. A combination of open shelves for accessories and closed storage for day-to-day items can also keep your bathroom organised. If you don’t have enough time to consider renovation ideas due to packing chores, hire the best removalists in Newcastle and focus on these tasks. Professionals can help you dismantle large furniture, pack your stuff and relocate them without causing any damage. Here are some of the best time-saving moving tips that can make the process easier for you.

5. Overlooking Drainage

Apart from an aesthetic feature, ensure your bathroom offers the best functionality. If you ignore drainage in this area, you may face serious water damage problems that can lead to wall and floor repairs, mould growth, etc. You can easily avoid this mistake by creating a proper drainage plan and installing the system to save time and money from unexpected water damage issues.

6. Not Installing Ventilation

Proper ventilation is crucial to circulate fresh air that can combat moisture, mould infestation, unpleasant odours and germs. So, do not forget installing a ventilation system when making changes to your new bathrooms.

7. Not Layering the Lighting

Whether you have a small or spacious bathroom, lighting plays a crucial role as it is where you get ready. Using a single overhead light is not enough. Instead, layer your lighting by adding it in different corners. You can strategically place sconces around the area where you shave or apply make-up. You can also showcase the tile work utilising accent lighting for focal points. If you are planning to relocate delicate items with you, hire the most trusted removalists Newcastle and keep your precious possessions intact.

8. Choosing Incompatible Materials

Keep yourself away from buying materials that are not apt for the bathroom environment. From tiles to lighting fixtures, all need to be water-resistant and suitable for humid environments. Do proper research and check whether all materials are water-resistant and high-quality or not before spending your hard-earned money. For instance, porcelain and ceramic tiles are great for bathroom remodelling because they can withstand temperature fluctuations, water exposure and normal wear and tear.

9. Investing in Low-Quality Finishes

Many people don’t prioritise hardware finishes and fixtures when carrying out the remodelling project, but they play a vital role in maintaining aesthetic value. Quality finishes prevent corrosion, the residue of harmful cleaning products and rust. So, it can be helpful if you focus on investing in quality finishes and fixtures.

10. Not Hiring Professionals

Complex renovation, plumbing and electrical work require professional assistance. Doing everything alone can lead to a serious injury, or you may end up ruining the entire project. Do thorough research and hire a professional handyman in Newcastle for your peace of mind. Here is a complete guide if you are a first-time homebuyer so that you can prioritise tasks depending on the complexity.

Wrapping Up

Avoiding silly mistakes during a bathroom renovation project in a new home can help you achieve desired results. Make sure you create a plan in advance, budget properly, consider storage options, decide on a suitable theme and choose quality materials to create a visually appealing and functional bathroom without leaving room for future maintenance issues.