10 Items You Can’t Put In A Storage Unit When Relocating

10 Items You Can’t Put In A Storage Unit When Relocating

Dec 30, 2022 Renting a storage unit is a wise and practical solution when you need to keep your belongings safe while packing and moving. It is also an excellent space-saving solution for people planning to downsize significantly. Therefore, besides hiring professional removalists Newcastle, consider renting a storage unit when moving at short notice or you need a long-term storage solution. You can find these facilities in multiple sizes. An average storage unit can measure 10 x 10 feet (or 100 square feet). Also, the average cost can range between $68 – $1194/per month units in Australia. If you choose to rent a storage unit in Newcastle, you must know what you cannot put it in when relocating.

1. Food

Perishable items in your pantry must be consumed before you move to a new home. Vegetables, fruits, cooked dishes and other food items that spoil without refrigeration or naturally should be kept out of storage units. They can spoil in a confined space quickly, smell bad and develop mould.

2. Unregistered or Uninsured Vehicles

Storage units are commercial facilities offering service and must abide by the law to operate legally. Therefore, service providers don’t allow patrons to keep unregistered or uninsured vehicles. Since these vehicles are untraceable and the service providers don’t want the liability of keeping uninsured automobiles, you should refrain from having them in the storage unit.

3. Weapons & Ammunitions

It is a no-brainer that keeping weapons and ammunition in a storage unit are prohibited. Storage units are safe spaces meant for storing household items and personal belongings. Keeping these items inside increases the risk of bodily harm and fire hazard because they can go off anytime. Thus, even if you have a licence for a weapon, it is best to keep it with yourself during a house move.

4. Dangerous Materials

Most storage units have strict guidelines against storing flammables, hazardous chemicals and other dangerous materials. To give a better idea, here’s a list of things you should avoid.
  • Thinners & mineral spirits
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Fertilisers, weeds, pesticides and insecticides
  • Gasoline, oils, petrol, diesel or other fuels
  • Cleaning solutions like ammonia, bleach, hydrochloric acid etc.
Even professional removalists in Newcastle don’t pack or move these hazardous materials. Therefore, you must dispose of them responsibly before moving.

5. Pets & Plants

Never use a storage unit to keep an animal because it can suffocate and die in the container. In addition, keeping plants inside the units is also prohibited because they will wilt without sun exposure, water and regular attention. Even if you are moving at short notice, give away plants to neighbours or loved ones before moving. Also, find a place for your pets to keep them healthy and safe while you move.

6. Important Documents

During a house move, you should keep your id proofs, financial records, insurance papers and other important personal documents in a folder box. This box should travel in your personal vehicle to prevent misplacement. Furthermore, don’t store important documents of your kids like birth certificates, school migration certificates, passports etc.

7. Jewellery & Valuables

Even though reputed storage facilities offer privacy and safety, they are not storage lockers, and you shouldn’t keep jewellery and valuable items in them. The risk of things getting stolen, especially valuables, is always present. Therefore, keep your valuables in a bank locker before moving. Also, never pack them in a moving box that your hired removalists in Newcastle accidentally load on the moving truck.

8. Stolen Items

Stealing is a crime and storing stolen items in a storage item is also a felony. If the storage unit manager suspects illegal activity or suspects you have stored stolen goods in the unit, they can notify the police.

9. Cosmetics, Fragrant Liquids, Liquor etc.

Avoid keeping perfumes, deodorants, foundations, and other liquids inside the storage for cosmetic and personal care. Heat, pressure and poor ventilation can affect their composition and alter their bonds. Additionally, avoid keeping wine or liquor collections in the storage unit because they are flammable and often valuable. Moving liquids is possible if you use the right packing materials and secure the bottles with bubble or foam wrap before boxing them. Also, be extra cautious and line moving boxes with plastic bags to avoid a mess in the moving truck or your home in case a bottle cracks and spills contents.

10. Wet Items

Mould can develop quickly in damp, dark and poorly ventilated rooms. Therefore, if you have equipment for swimming, boating, fishing, gym or anything else that can remain wet, let them dry properly before keeping inside the storage unit. Wet items are ideal places for mould to grow, and if you leave them unattended or dirty for a long period, mould can threaten structural integrity and aggravate respiratory conditions.

How To Rent A Storage Unit In Newcastle?

Whether you are moving at short notice or cannot move all your belongings within a stipulated time, rent a storage unit to keep your belonging safe until you can get them. Reputed removalists in Newcastle can help you find a suitable storage facility for short-term storage, especially when you are moving long-distance (over 80 km) or interstate. Removalists offer storage facilities when furniture, moving boxes and other belongings need to stay in a safe space overnight or for a few days. However, if you want to rent a storage unit independently for an indefinite time, it is best to carry out an online search for affordable and safe units near you. Newcastle has abundant self-storage facilities. Their rent can range from
  • $90 – $110 per month for 1.5m x 1.5m units
  • $120 – $135 per month for 1.5m x 3m units
  • $220 – $250 per month for 3m x 3m units
  • $360 – $415 per month for 3m x 6m
Always visit the storage facility before renting a unit to inspect its condition, privacy and management. Never make the mistake of booking a storage unit based on online descriptions or virtual tours.

The Bottom Line

Renting a storage unit is a practical solution for multiple reasons. Therefore, if you think it will benefit your move and you can reduce stress and anxiety by moving things to storage, then make sure to rent a safe and reliable unit. Also, use this guide to know what you cannot put in a storage unit when relocating. It will help you toss, dispose of, donate or resell unwanted items and decrease the moving load for your hired removalists in Newcastle.