10 Important Things People Forget While Relocating to a New Property
a couple packing their belongings for the move

10 Important Things People Forget While Relocating to a New Property

Sep 27, 2017 Packing and lifting heavy objects during the house move can be stressful for those who are doing it without any professional assistance. Of course, you are aware of the packing and moving tricks, but still, you need some expert guidance if you want to relocate your household belongings safely to your new house. During a relocation process, we make sure that everything goes smooth and efficiently, without a hint of a burden. From wrapping to moving, transporting to unloading, everything needs to be done in the right way to ensure a successful house move and thus it is advisable to engage a trustworthy and experienced furniture removalists in Newcastle for your next move. Unfortunately, we humans make some common mistakes and tend to forget some key things while shifting a house from one location to another. Though it is a daunting process, you can’t take a chance of missing out anything otherwise you could end up losing both your time and money. In order to help you get most out of your house move, we bring you the list of 10 important things that people usually forget while moving to a new property.

1. Cleaning current/old house

In the excitement of relocating to a new house, people usually tend to forget about the cleaning aspect. When you are leaving your current property, make sure you have a thorough clean including carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, furniture vacuuming, sanitising kitchen and bathrooms, living room and bedroom cleaning etc. If you are moving out from the leased property, you have to get your house cleaned professionally by the best bond cleaners in Newcastle, to secure your bond amount. You can avail the end of lease cleaning services from the best cleaning firm to save both your time and effort. Just make sure you complete the tidying process two days prior to you moving day.

2. Creating Moving checklist

This is one of the most common things people forget about. Since time management is essential, it is important to create a successful moving checklist to get the things done quickly and efficiently. You should have a proper packing and moving schedule, the list of items you are taking along with you, packing supplies, and other move related to-do lists like managing your documents, hunting for a new house etc. for the better management of your relocation process.

3. Comparing multiple moving companies

While relocating to a new house, people often miss out comparing different moving companies along with their moving fees. If you are planning to hire a professional moving company, you have to do a research work, compare their prices and their quality of services to ensure a safe and successful move. You can hire Better Removalists Newcastle to have a stress-free and damage-free house move at the most affordable price. Whether you are making a local move or an interstate move, you can hire them according to your personalised moving needs.

4. Switch over utility supplies

Most of the people don’t get enough time to complete their entire moving process, and thus they make some fundamental blunders. Switching off the utility supply such as electricity, gas, internet, phone, cable, etc at the old house is one of the most common mistakes that people make while moving. Of course, you can switch off the utility supply, but ensure that you have a list of all the unused/unnecessary. This will definitely reduce the stress out of your move.

5. Collecting personal records, data and documents

In the hustle-bustle of a house move, people usually forget about collecting their personal records, including health, employment, legal, moving, motor vehicle, and financial documents. Keep them in one place and take them along with you while moving to a new property.

6. Keeping spare keys of your old house

People often forget about keeping spare keys of their old house along with them. It is important to have spare keys because this ensures safety and security of your old house. You can keep a spare key with a neighbour – make sure your neighbour is a trusted one.

7. Throwing unused items

Moving house is not only a time-consuming process but also an expensive one. The cost of your moving depends on the list of items you are taking along with you. The more you take, the higher the moving cost will be. To cut down the moving expenses, make sure you throw out all the unused items one week prior to your moving day. In fact, you can donate your kid’s toys and unused clothes (that are in good condition) to a local charity.

8. Managing free packing boxes

Most of us sometimes forget that there is more than one way to arrange packing boxes. Apart from buying them, you can also ask your relatives, friends and neighbours to give you cardboard boxes (if they have any). This is one of the best ways to reduce the moving cost.

9. Labeling packed boxes

Some people find it lazy to label their packed boxes and then end up with a great chaos during the unpacking process. Always bear in mind that labeling moving boxes is an imperative part of the packing process – so you can’t miss out this step. Use a permanent marker to add the label on your boxes. You can either add the list of contents available in a particular box or label them such as “Kitchen Utensils” or Fragile Items”.

10. Keeping a survival kit

Don’t forget to keep a moving day survival kit –especially if you have toddlers. Fill your back with a first aid box, water bottles, snacks, and many other essential things to assist you throughout the moving day. These are the 10 most common things people usually forget while shifting to a new house. Hope this blog post helped you in identifying your common moving mistakes in a breeze.


Moving a house is something that needs proper planning, moving checklist, packing supplies, and a professional moving company. Unfortunately, most of the people usually forget or ignore some important things and then leave everything in a crummy condition. If you want to have a smooth and hassle-free move, make sure you consider these 10 things before starting off your house moving process.